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Snapforce Announces the Launch of its New Chat Feature

Snapforce announced the launch of its
new chat feature today. This feature, which has been largely requested, is expected to greatl... Read More

Snapforce Launches Quickbooks Online Integration

MAHWAH, N.J. - December 06, 2017

Snapforce, the software-as-a-service company that helps businesses manage customer
relationships, today released a third party integration with Quickbooks Online, the world-wide leaders in accounting software.
Quickbooks is owned by Intuit, and are used by millions of businesses around the world. Snapfo... Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Snapforce CRM

Whether you are someone searching for your first CRM Software, an experienced IT Consultant, or long time avid Snapforce user,
you'll find value in reading this infographic. Learning about your CRM Provider may strengthen the relationship you have with
them, as well as help you to identify the companies general direction.

 Read More

Elastic Email and Snapforce Announce Integration of Services

Here at Snapforce we've been diligently working for our customers on some exciting and major changes to our CRM software.
Over the next 3 months we have a number of major product announcements to make.

To kick that off, we are ​excited to
announce that we will now offer an integration with Elastic E-mail! ​

About Elas... Read More

Snapforce CRM Releases RightSignature Integration

has become the standard in
electronic signatures - readily available on multiple platforms making it easy to use for yo... Read More

Influencing the Development of Your CRM Software

At Snapforce, we have a true competitive edge over other popular CRM systems like Salesforce or Sugar CRM. We allow you to
customize the CRM system to fit your needs. Our customization isn't just limited to changing the name of sections or

We give the customer the chance to clue us in on what new features we can create to e... Read More

Maintaining Quality Customer Service As Your Business Grows

To create strong customer relationships is not easy, it comes from a genuine goal to make your customers satisfied. If you do
not care about your customers it will be almost impossible to deliver the type of service that will make a difference. For a small
business owner this is not a difficult task, as sole proprietors and small business owners... Read More

Customer Service Emails

Customer Service along with other business segments use email as one of the primary communication channels between your
business and customers. So using it to benefit your organization will go a long way in developing the infrastructure of your
customer service workflows. It’s not difficult to master, actually it is quite simple;... Read More

Simple Ways To Respond Faster To Customers

Expectations for customer support and response times have become sky high.

Even when you work at a small company
with a tiny team, people are accustomed to fast responses to their questions and complaints.

Huge numbers of customers
are reaching out and either finding silence or delayed responses which only incr... Read More

How to be Sure You Bought the Right Software

These days most software buyers do research on products before they make a purchase, some of these buyers are patient
shoppers and others are impulse driven. Regardless of which category you fit into the important thing is that you select the best
solution for your business. There are plenty of topics you can look at such as, customer ... Read More

How to Respond to Negative Customer Feedback

Social media is public. Every time someone writes badly about your product or services, the whole social media audience can see

People will judge you based on several criteria: how quickly you have responded, what was your reaction, what was
your customer’s reaction and how the whole thing ended.

Social media is all... Read More

Faster and More Efficient SMS

Customer service is a top priority for any business. And that’s because customer service makes a difference in brand
reputation, customer loyalty and revenue. Did you know that 69 percent would recommend a company that they had a positive
experience with others? And that companies that prioritized customer experience had a 10-15 ... Read More

Methods For Connecting With Customers

The goal of any business is to connect with its customers and forge bonds
of both trust and loyalty. It seems like a simple goal, but it’s far easier said than done. Today’s technology like
social media and email allows businesses to reach their customers much faster than in the pa... Read More

Sales Skills a Sales Person Should Master

You probably caught yourself thinking that star sales performers were born to do it. When you look at them selling seems so
easy as if almost anyone could do it. Here are some key things that help salespeople.


Personal skills define who we are as individuals. These skills allow salespeople to ... Read More

Live Chat Support For Your Business

Offering a chat option on your website provides loads of new leads. Integrating Live Chat with your CRM systems is one of the
best ways to assure you collect and track all your leads, sales, support or any other issues related with your customers after
their chat with you. Businesses are engaging with more and more customers through online chann... Read More

Test Your CRM Before Deployment

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions provide mission critical features for your
company, particularly for the sales department. Deploying this application requires significant investment from your business,
whether you're purchasing an on-premise or cloud-based system. You want to maximize the usef... Read More

Snapforce Telephony Services

There are many benefits to using snapforce telephony services. There
are many features you can use; a biggie is eliminating data entry - all client records are updated automatically by simply talking
on the phone!

Snapf... Read More

Teaching These Customer Support Soft Skills is a Must

Customer service agents need a very special set of customer
service skills
 to professionally deal with customers. They have to be able to get to the bottom of things and find a
solution quickly if they don’t want to risk delivering a poor customer service exper... Read More

Tips On How To Handle A Irate Customer

Working in customer service can be easy and rewarding when someone calls with a compliment or simple problem to
solve. Customers get rude or angry for a variety of reasons some
justified, some not. But since you’re in business to serve your customers, you’ll likely encounter... Read More

The Perfect Customer Relationship Management

You’ve decided that it’s time to invest in a customer
relationship management (CRM) solution for your company. It’s a big decision. It could affect how your team connects, how
you build, maintain, and manage customer relationships. Customer relationships have a huge role... Read More

3 New Features You Should Be Using

Snapforce CRM is rolling out some great new features. This article will
cover three of Snapforce CRM's best new features. It's always important to keep yourself up-to-date on everything your
service provides so you can get the most out of your experience. You might learn that the featu... Read More

Over Promising Customers Can Ruin Your Business

In any personal relationship the most important reflection of
it's health is the level of trust displayed by both partners, in business that same rule applies. One of the
fundamental building blocks of lasting customer relationships is the trust factor; when your client... Read More

API Information

For years, companies have kept some of their most valuable assets locked
up inside databases and applications. Now, they are discovering that sharing that data can generate new revenue streams. One of
the easiest ways to do that is with API. When a business partner resells one of you... Read More

Choose the Best CRM For You

CRM software has many benefits to businesses. Not all CRM’s are created a like and the right one for you depends on
your business and your IT needs. It is important to find a system that not only can protect your customer database and increase
sales production, but one that will save you time on constant customer communications<... Read More

The Key to Retaining Customers

Customer retention is one of the most important aspects of any business around the world. Misunderstanding how customers think
is a proven way to lose customers, lowering your retention rates. One way to build retention is by socializing with your
customers. The first step is to set client expectations early. Every business loses some customers,... Read More

A Succesful Knowledge Base

A Knowledge base in CRM is used to store articles which can be easily searched and accessed by the CRM users. Having knowledge
base can beneft your customers and your employees. A knowledge base can make things a little simplier. You have a guide right at
your finger tips at any time . Some people find knowledge base user guides more convie... Read More

Prospecting In The World Of Sales

Prospecting not only has benefits, but it is a necessity for
salespeople and their companies to obtain customers and grow revenue. It will produce positive results if you do it
Sales people prospect and us... Read More

The Positives to Analytics

Benefits of CRM analytics are known to generate better customer
relations. With accurate sales analytics a company can have a more clear view of its actual future and meeting the goals they have
set for there companies future. CRM analytics allow decision makers to make more reasonable a... Read More

Benefits of Smart Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management is about knowing what you have in stock, and where it is located. Now a days, most small
businesses implement some sort of inventory management in their operations, but unless it's integrated with your
back-office systems, an inventory management system alone will not be that effective with ... Read More

Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has been available for more than 20 years, the big difference between back
then and now is the level of autonomy and the sheer amount of data available to you from so many different online and offline

These are some of the reasons why a comp... Read More

How to Obtain Forever Lasting Customers

<p>Wouldn't you love for your customers to continue to grow with and be a part of your company? Snapforce currently
serves around 1,000 customers with more than 26,000 active users, coming from 18 countries around the world. Snapforce customer
support strives to ensure their clients use their product successfully, if they believe a speci... Read More

3 Simple Tips to Ensure Customer Loyalty

You can start your business with a brilliant idea for bonding customers to your brand, but if you
forget about basics, it’s not going to work. In this article I outline three tips that will vastly improve your chances in
achieving overwhelmning customer loyalty, and the best part is they are crazy simple. I als... Read More