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Snapforce CRM's Prodigy Edition, the latest in CRM intelligence. Quality CRM, best support, lowest prices in the industry.

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CRM Software

Flexible CRM software to run your entire business, built to plug-in seamlessly to all of your company communication methods; telephony, email, sms, fax, and live chat.

Sales Automation

Sales Automation

Empower your sales team with real sales automation to help them track and manage their deals through your company sales cycle.


Virtual PBX Phone System

Snapforce Telephony is a proprietary virtual pbx phone system, giving you the power to configure auto attendants, call queues, call recording, video chats and more.

CRM Communications


Track and record all company emails, phone calls, video chats, faxes, sms messages and more with seamless quality integrations.

CRM Mobile
Customer Support Features

Customer Support

Empower your support team with tightly built ticket and case management, build a company knowledge base to solve customer issues quickly.

Marketing Automation Features

Marketing Automation

Setup your business with the same marketing tools the fortune 500 companies use to grow your business in less time.

Finance CRM Features


Manage your orders and payments efficiently from start to finish with Price Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoicing, and Payments, all tied into your company Quickbooks.

New for all CRM Users

Snapforce Mail

An integrated web mail client available within your Snapforce CRM interface. Email to CRM Synchronization. Compatible with any device.

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Snapforce Mail
Plug into Prodigy

Your Business Operating System

Use Snapforce for your organization&s Phone System, Phone Service, and CRM Software. Logging into Snapforce is like coming to work.

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Connect Your Smartphone

With Snapforce Prodigy

Work from your office computer, then continue to work on the road using your phone. CRM software built to work seamlessly on any mobile device.

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Mobile CRM
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