Reports & Analytics


Reports & Analytics

Be sure which areas of your business need to improve with custom reports in Snapforce CRM. These custom reports have powerful filters and visualization features that give you the tools to drill down on important marketing, customer support and sales metrics.

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CRM Reports
Sales Dashboards


Obtain a clear understanding of your business with customizable dashboards. Dashboards let you add multiple reports to a single screen and visualize each report in a chart or statistical widget.

Create different dashboards for each sales team, or department in your organization.

Drag and drop the specific reports on the dashboard, choose the chart type, and customize the width and height.

Custom Reports

Advanced reporting for the business that needs enterprise level analytics. Custom Reports give you broad flexibility to customize existing reports and build new reports as needed.

Custom build unlimited new reports as needed. No limits.

Unlimited filters, full sql standard operators e.g. equals, not equal to, contains, does not contain, less than, greater than, less or equal, greater or equal, IN(...), NOT IN(...), between, not between.

Group filters together with and, or, not conditions.

Save your custom reports, do not waste time re-building the same report twice.

Custom Reports
Report Filters

Report Filters

Easily customize your reports by adding database filters.

The report filters available include equals, not equal to, greater than, greater or equal to, less than or equal to, less than, contains, does not contain, in (...), not in (...), between, not between.

Additionally all date fields include date range filter options, allowing you to always get a real-time range of data. For example date range filters include this month, last month, this week, last week, etc.

Share Dashboards

Quickly and easily share your custom reports and dashboards. By default all dashboards are private, but you can choose to make a dashboard public. That means you can share a link to your dashboard to non-users.

Sharing a dashboard is a great way to give your customers visibility into their account, or their referrals, etc.

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