Security Administration


Security Administration

Secure your CRM software with features designed to harden your system from malicious actors, users with bad intent, and other security vulnerabilities that may arise.

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CRM Security
CRM Firewall

CRM Firewall

Use Snapforce's firewall feature to track user breaches within the system. View details of each breach including date/time, user, action completed, and more.

Develop a sense of the types of actions users are taking that they shouldn't be.

Identify actions completed that are outside of company guidelines and notify the responsible users.

Data Sharing Rules

Set the level of access users have to each other's data for each module.

Set access levels for each module to determine whether users can see, edit, transfer, or delete records owned by other users.

Enable the hierarchy setting for each module that will allow each user level to see the records belonging to users in the user levels below them.

Data Sharing Rules
Territory Management

Territory Management

Assign territories for each user within Snapforce to give specified access to records in specific areas.

Build a hierarchy containing parent territories and sub territories. Assign managers to parent territories so that they can oversee all activity within each sub territory.

Assign users to multiple territories, with the option to give them read, write, or delete access to the records within their assigned territories.

Automatically assign newly-created records to the territory belonging to the user creating the record.

User Level Permissions

Grant access to certain modules, activities, and records with user level permission features.

Control the features users are able to utilize by creating an access hierarchy in which you select what functions each user level has access to.

Manually manage user access to specific modules by selecting a user level for each module listed.

User Level Permissions
Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication

When enabling two-factor authentication for your CRM your system will become significantly more secure from the risk of external penetration.

When logging into the CRM a four digit code will be sent to the user's mobile phone, which they will be required to enter prior to gaining access to the system.

CRM Password Policy

A CRM password policy is a schedule the system administrator chooses for each user that defines a timeframe for how often a user's password must be changed and how strong the password is required to be.

The password policy the administrator configures is not optional, the user will be forced to reset their password on schedule.

CRM Password Policy
IP Address Restrictions

IP Address Restrictions

To strengthen the security of the CRM, the administrator of the system can choose to only allow access to the system when logging in from specific ip addresses.

You can define specific ip addresses per user or globally. There are scenarios where users such as outside sales reps who login from the road cannot be restricted to login from the office ip address. In this situation the system administrator can remove that user from the restraints of this security feature.


Other Features

Sales Force Automation Feature

Sales Force Automation

Keep your sales team focused and moving through the sales cycle with our built-in sales automation feature set.

  • Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities
  • Automatic Call Logging
  • 2-way Mail Sync
  • Calendar Sync
  • Custom Workflows
Customer Service Feature

Customer Service

Don't lose another customer from service requests that slip through the cracks with our suite of custom support tools.

  • Case & Ticket Management
  • Solutions
  • Knowledge Base
  • Service Reports
  • Client Portal
Marketing Automation Feature

Marketing Automation

Keep your company growing with our tight-knit marketing automation feature set.

  • Drip Campaigns
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Campaign to Opportunity
  • Mass Email
  • Auto-Responders
  • Email Templates
  • Email Delivery Tracking
Analytics Feature


Understand your data and the progress of your team with our reports and analytics tools.

  • Standard & Custom Reports
  • Recurring Reports
  • Share Reports
  • Export Reports
  • Copy and Paste Reports
  • Grouped Reports
Inventory Management Feature

Inventory Management

Keep your products and inventory organized and in sync with quickbooks.

  • Product Management
  • Price Books
  • Sales Quotes
  • Sales Orders
  • Invoices
  • Quickbooks Sync
Document Management Feature

Document Management

Centralize your company documents and files, organize and link them to individual customers or leads.

  • Multiple File Uploader
  • Attach Documents
  • E-mail Unlimitted Attachments
  • File Versions
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