Snapforce CRM Features

Sales Force Automation

Automate sales and marketing processes to eliminate repetetive data entry and achieve maximum productivity.

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Sales Automation
Lead Management


The Leads module optimizes the customer generation process. Within this module you can keep details of each lead, keep track of communication, assign sales reps to a particular lead or region of leads, and more.

Complete mass imports of leads, with the ability to create and populate custom fields within the import.

Timelines within each lead's record store archived details of all communication with the lead.

The filter option within the list view allows for easy filtering of leads based on sales priorities.


The Contacts module allows you to store and keep track of contacts associated with accounts.

Contacts are created and automatically linked to accounts after the lead conversion process.

Contacts can be imported from business cards into Snapforce with the use of third-party business card applications

Contact Management
Account Management


The Accounts Module allows you to keep track of companies you are currently doing business with or planning to do business with. Each record stores information pertaining to a company's address, size, industry type, annual revenue, and other details.

Multiple page layouts can be created and customized to display information specific to each different account type.

Associate multiple contacts to multiple accounts and keep track of each association using the Related Lists feature within each record.

Accounts can also be associated with other accounts using parent account/sub-account relationships.


The Opportunities module helps you track the potential of prospects through the sales cycle.

Filtered views can be created to display opportunities separated by probability, stage, expected close date range, amount, and more.

Closed/Won sales can be tracked and displayed in a sales pipeline report. This report can be broken down by many factors, including sales rep and date range.

Forecasts can be completed for the next month, quarter, or year by calculating previous sales, competition, and trends.

Sales Forecasting
CRM Activities


The Activity Timeline within each record allows you to communicate with a lead, contact, or account directly from Snapforce.

Tasks - Create internal tasks, assigned to yourself or colleagues, with the option to add a reminder notification that will appear on the assignee's screen at the set time.

Events - Schedule meetings and invite attendees from within Snapforce. These attendees will receive e-mail notifications in which they have the option to accept, decline, or propose a new time.

Calls - Keep track of outbound and inbound calls from within Snapforce. All call details are logged, as well as recordings of the calls that can be downloaded and reviewed.

Notes - Add notes to any record within Snapforce.

Email - Send e-mail to any recipient from within Snapforce. E-mail sent or received will be populated into the timeline of the record matching that e-mail address.


Two-way synchronization of events between Snapforce and your Outlook and Google calendars allows you to enter events in either platform.

Update calendar entries in either Snapforce or Outlook/Google Calendar.

Multiple accounts can be synchronized with Snapforce, with the ability to color code each calendar to easily distinguish between them.

CRM Event Management
CRM Custom Lists

Custom Lists

Eliminate time spent on browsing through records by creating custom lists within each module to quickly access filtered information.

Create lists containing custom fields to quickly display information that will cater to the tasks users will be completing.

Lists with filters will update automatically, as information is entered or changed.

Users have the ability to create their own personal views based on their sales needs.

Sales Forecasting

Use the sales forecasting feature to accurately predict future sales growth, based on pipelines of potential deals.

Generate forecast reports to display projected sales based on your teams sales to date, current deals, quota, and probability of future deals.

Break down forecasts by user, team, or region to gain specific insight about your team's performance and identify star performers.

Sales Forecasting
Two Way Mail Sync

Mail Sync

The e-mail sync feature allows you to use Snapforce to communicate with clients using your personal e-mail account.

Send and receive e-mail from within Snapforce. Each message is logged in the timeline of the associated e-mail recipient.

Once your e-mail account is linked to Snapforce, any communication that takes place in third-party e-mail applications will populate in the respective timelines.

Create new records within Snapforce directly from an e-mail message.

Sales Funnels

Measure your company's overall health. Display revenue and show sales efforts and results.

Display an overview of stages and steps required to sell your products or services.

Get a sense of how your company is doing by displaying the number of prospects within each stage of the sales cycle.

CRM Sales Funnels
CRM Custom Workflows

Custom Workflows

Automatically trigger actions within Snapforce when specific conditions are met to eliminate time-consuming manual data entry.

Set tasks and pop-up reminders for follow-ups that will alert you when the due date is near.

Set rules and conditions to auto-assign newly-imported leads to the correct sales team

Sales Leaderboards

Track and measure key sales activities. Rank these activities to encourage friendly competition and boost employee motivation.

Display a real-time leaderboard that will allow reps to view their standings at any given time.

Feature outstanding actions or accomplishments and celebrate achievements by recognizing star performers

Sales Leaderboards
CRM E-Signature Feature

Electronic Signature

Boost customer relationship management with the efficiency and convenience of electronic document signing.

Send electronic signature documents to clients directly from Snapforce using Rightsignature.

Electronic signature responses received from clients will sync directly into their records, becoming available for download immediately.

Marketing Automation

Create, customize, personalize, and send mass e-mail campaigns quickly and efficiently.

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Marketing Automation
E-mail Templates

E-mail Templates

Create an unlimited number of templates that can be easily accessed from a drodown menu within the e-mail message.

Personalize mass e-mail messages with the use of placeholders that populate information from within each record.

Marketing Campaigns

Use the Campaigns module to organize and plan campaigns.

Easily sift through lists to populate campaign groups with members from any module.

Use filters to generate groups of campaign members, then add them all at once using the 'Select All' option.

Add or remove members of a campaign at any time.

Marketing Campaigns
Mass E-mail

Mass E-mail

Draft one message to send to multiple recipients, with the ability to personalize each message.

Create e-mail templates containing placeholders to personalize each message sent.

Send mass e-mail messages to all records in your database, or a select group using the campaign feature.

Email Opt-out

Send e-mail with an 'unsubscribe' link that allows each recipient to opt out of receiving further e-mail messages.

Provide an unsubscribe link that will redirect users to the subscription page.

Easily track all opt-out requests. Each time a recipient unsubscribes, it will be registered within Elastic E-mail.

Give recipients additional options including partial opt-outs, conditional opt-outs, and list choices. This will allow users to opt out of receiving unwanted e-mail messages from you, while still subscribing to receive all important e-mail messages.

Email Opt-out


Set auto-response messages that are triggered based on set custom conditions.

Send a confirmation or "Thank you" e-mail response after a potential customer expresses interest or signs up for one of your services.

Send automated birthday or anniversary messages based on stored recipient information.

Create or choose from additional custom triggers and determine when the auto-responder is to be sent.

Drip Campaigns

Schedule e-mail messages to go out automatically, based on timelines or user actions.

Use drip campaigns to increase revenue by providing relevant information for customers based on their needs, scheduling follow-up messages and rewards to keep customers engaged, and introducing other new and upcoming products and services.

Use drip campaigns for nurturing leads, welcoming new customers, providing onboarding information, abandoned shopping carts, providing product recommendations, renewal reminders, unsubscribes, and more.

Segment recipients based on demographics, past purchases, and any e-mail opened by them in the past.

CRM Drip Campaigns
CRM Email Delivery Tracking

Delivery Tracking

Track the overall activity statistics of each e-mail sent through Elastic E-mail.

View timestamps and details of when an e-mail message was sent, opened, received, etc. for each recipient.

View statuses of each e-mail sent, including 'Ready to Send', 'Waiting to Retry', 'Sent', 'Opened', 'Clicked', 'Unsubscribed', 'Bounced' 'Suppressed', and 'Complaint'.

If an e-mail message is not successfully sent, refer to the log to assess the reason so that corrections can be made.

Reports & Analytics

Be sure which areas of your business need to improve with custom reports in Snapforce CRM. These custom reports have powerful filters and visualization features that give you the tools to drill down on important marketing, customer support and sales metrics.

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CRM Reports
CRM Standard Reports

Standard Reports

The reports module includes more than 120 pre-built reports right out of the box. These standard reports are the bread and butter of the reporting module and provide your businss with the building blocks to analyze your business.

More than 120 pre-built reports are included with your system by default.

The reports are organized into folders e.g. Account Reports, Contact Reports, Leads Reports, Opportunity Reports, Billing Reports, etc.

Standard filters and date range options are available to customize these reports (if you need advanced filters and customization options, check out Custom Reports).

Custom Reports

Advanced reporting for the business that needs enterprise level analytics. Custom Reports give you broad flexibility to customize existing reports and build new reports as needed.

Custom build unlimited new reports as needed. No limits.

Unlimited filters, full sql standard operators e.g. equals, not equal to, contains, does not contain, less than, greater than, less or equal, greater or equal, IN(...), NOT IN(...), between, not between.

Group filters together with and, or, not conditions.

Save your custom reports, do not waste time re-building the same report twice.

CRM Custom Reports
CRM Recurring Reports

Recurring Reports

Recurring Reports make sure you always have the reports you need. When you save your custom reports, choose to make them recurring.

Send yourself or your team updated reports automatically.

Receive the newest version of your custom reports to avoid making the wrong decisions.

Save time by automating your reporting responsibilities, send your boss updated reports every day, week or month.

Share Reports

Quickly and easily share your custom reports. Send your colleague's a copy of your reports by simply entering the email of the person you want to email the report to.

Share your custom reports in real time.

Choose the format of the report you want to send e.g. csv, excel, pdf

If you share the report with one of your crm contacts a copy of the email will automatically appear in that person's activity timeline

Share Reports From CRM
CRM Export Reports

Export Reports

Export your custom reports quickly, and in the format you prefer.

Reports can be exported in one of three different formats e.g. csv, excel, pdf.

If you need a hard copy of the report, use the Print option.

The report design is consistent between the crm interface and the exported or printed versions.

Copy and Paste Reports

It is a core principle at Snapforce that our customer's should be able to access their data whenever and however they want. Which is why we went the extra effort to build a copy and paste option into all reports and custom views. If you see a few rows of data in your report that you want to use, use the copy option, and paste into any spreadsheet program!

Copy and paste feature included in all reports and views.

Paste into any spreadsheet software such as excel, libre, or even notepad.

Copy and Paste Reports From CRM
CRM Grouped Reports

Grouped Reports

Choose the field you wish to group your reports by, see totals quickly.

Total your data on arbitrary metrics.

Toggle your grouped reports by data set to quickly see the results you are looking for.

Group your reports to be presented with multiple graph and chart options.

Customer Support

Manage customer-reported issues and provide your support team with the tools they need to resolve the issues promptly.

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Customer Support
Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Using the Solutions module, create a knowledge base containing company guidelines, call scripts, step-by-step procedures, and more.

Create instructional guides using images and videos that can be added to the solutions module.

Separate solutions into line items that can be easily found by searching for keywords.

Edit and update solutions to be more helpful by allowing users to rank the efficiency of each solution.

Case Reports

Track open and closed cases using pre-configured Support reports and dashboards.

Monitor open cases in order of issue severity, date opened, assigned user, etc.

Get a visualization of the rate in which cases are being created and resolved with volume reports.

Build custom reports containing additional case information that can be added to the support dashboard.

Case Reports

Phone Support

Enable customers to contact users by phone by linking Snapforce to phone systems using the VoIP CRM module and softphone.

View call logs daily to track information including call date/time, call length, user, caller information, and more.

Generate call reports to assist with managing user performance.

Record incoming calls to monitor and evaluate phone support quality.

Inventory Management

Keep track of every aspect of your sales cycle from beginning to end by building price books and creating quotes, sales orders, and invoices.

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CRM Products


Products can be added into Snapforce as individual items or packages of items.

Add products with details, such as manufacturer, price, sales start and end dates, etc.

Add product line items to invoices, quotes, opps, sales orders.

Mass import products into Snapforce from a single CSV file.

Price Books

Create custom lists of products with custom prices. Each customer or set of customers can have their own separate price books.

Manually create pricebooks, or import pricebooks from external sources.

Create custom discount information that can be added to the pricing model and calculated in total costs.

CRM Price Books
CRM Price Quotes

Price Quotes

Decrease time spent on quoting by generating printable sales quotes.

Build sales quotes manually or generate them from existing opportunities.

Print and export sales quote records that can be attached to e-mail and sent from within Snapforce.

Sales Orders

Draft and customize documents with product detauks and pricing information to provide for customers prior to the delivery or goods or services.

Customize Sales Order fields based on information you want displayed to the customer or internal team.

Add, remove, or edit product line items within a sales order at any time.

CRM Sales Orders
CRM Invoices


Begin the payment process by creating invoices that can be exported and issues to the customer, along with the goods and services.

Customize invoices, with the ability to edit line items and fields included, and attach personal signatures.

Create an invoice manually or generate one from a quote.

Track payment activity by linking invoices to payment records.

Document Management

Easily upload documents, images, spreadsheets, PDFs, and more. Attach them to e-mail messages and templates, or upload them to a record for historical purposes.

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Document Management
Multiple File Uploads

Multiple File Uploader

Minimize upload time by uploading multiple files in one go.

Upload various filetypes from your local computer at once.

View archived file uploads at any time and download uploaded files with the click of a button.

Attach Documents

Attach documents to any record with the built-in upload feature.

Attach signed documents, proposals, scanned images, and more with the upload feature located in the timeline of each record within Snapforce.

Easily access attached documents at any time by downloading the stored file directly from the record.

Attach Documents
E-mail Attachments

E-mail Attachments

Attach files from your local computer to an outgoing e-mail message.

Upload a single file or multiple files to an individual e-mail message or a mass e-mail message.

Keep track of what attachments were sent by viewing the archived e-mail and attachment information in the Activities module.

File Versions

Attach any of the allowed filetypes to a record or an e-mail.

Attach any of the following filetypes: 4te, bcc, bmp, csv, doc, docx, dwg, gif, gz, jpg, jpeg, mp3, mp4, m4a, odt, pdf, png, ppt, pptx, pr8, prx, r3d, rp5, rpx, rvt, tv5, txt, wav, xls, xlsx, xml, zip.

Files can be attached with the max size of 48.83 MB each.

Track File Versions

Web Forms

Pre-build web forms to capture website visitor information that can be imported directly into your leads module.

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CRM Web Forms

Web Forms

Create web forms for your website that will map into any of the Snapforce modules.

Web to Account Forms, Web to Contact Forms, Web to Lead Forms, Web to Case Forms, Web to Opportunity Forms.

Auto Responder

Set up autoresponders to send e-mail messages to visitors that fill out web forms.

Follow up with leads generated through web forms to respond to special questions/requests

Create rules based on specific fields that are submitted via the webforms, for example when someone selects "NJ" from the state field of your webform it can trigger the "NJ" auto response email.

Web Form Auto Responder
Custom Auto Response Templates

Custom Auto Response Templates

Create custom templates that can be used when sending auto-response e-mails.

Create conditional templates that are triggered along with the appropriate e-mail messages when visitors complete web forms.

Create numerous conditions that when satisfied, will send out auto-response e-mails using the corresponding templates.

Data Administration

Control the way data is imported and manipulated throughout the system. Create backup/storage processes to ensure minimal data loss.

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Data Administration
Data Backup Tool

Data Backup Tool

Back up all records within each module of the system into an exportable csv file that can be accessed at any time.

Manually create backups of all data within a module that can be downloaded by an administrator at any time.

Easily export all details of every record within each module to a CSV file.

Automatic Backups

Prevent the loss of your most recent data by scheduling automatic backups.

Create automatic backups of each module that can be accessed at any time and saved to your local computer.

Schedule automatic backups to occur prior to automatic record imports/updates.

Automatic Backups
Automatic Data Linking

Automatic Data Linking

Reduce time spent on data entry with automatic data linking across modules.

Set mapping for each custom lead field so that all data carries over once the lead is converted to an account.

Create custom lookup fields that automatically pull data from one record type into another.

Duplicate Prevention

Prevent duplicate data from being imported into the system.

Prevent duplicate records from being imported by selecting a field that should always contain unique values during the import process.

Mark unique fields from within the system settings to prevent them from allowing duplicate values to be entered.

Duplicate Prevention
CRM Audit Trail

Audit Trail

View every action your users perform with the Snapforce Audit Trail feature. The Audit Trail logs each and every create, edit, delete, import, export, and association.

Every change your user performs is logged, when you view the audit trail the changed data is displayed in both before and after.

View details of a data import, including date/time, user completing the import, number of records imported, and module the records were imported into.

Data Export Permissions

Set limits on what users are allowed to export data from the system.

Allow users to export based on user level. The user level selected will be allowed to export data, as well as any above user levels.

Get detailed information on failed attempts to export data within the firewall settings.

Data Export Permissions


Looking for CRM Software, with built in phone service, enterprise pbx phone system features, conference bridge, e-fax, and much more? Snapforce CRM has it all.

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Call Centers Using Snapforce
Daily Active Agents
Daily Talk Time (min)
Clients From Five9 (2019)
Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

At the touch of a button, you transform your sales floor or service floor into a professional call center with Snapforce call center software.

Automatic call distribution allows for effortless call routing.

Eliminating the complexity of manual dialing.

Maximize call center production.

Automatic Call Logging

No data entry - all client records are updated automatically by simply talking on the phone! Snapforce CRM was the first to offer telephony services in CRM software. Still today, Snapforce is the only CRM provider offering a complete virtual pbx phone system.

Snapforce cloud phone solutions don't require expensive technical specialists.

Your phone system will be setup in under 5 minutes.

CRM Administrators have full access to manage users, eavesdrop on user calls, and record unlimited conversations.

Automatic Call Logging
Conference Bridge Feature
Conference Bridge

Your CRM has a company conference bridge included which hold up to 25 participants.

Your conference bridge is available to all users, managed right from the CRM Telephony interface.

Each user has their own conference bridge, never wait for the conference bridge to free up! $$

Users have conference host permissions when creating conferences.

Choose your background music for wait time

Conference invitations are sent quickly and stored in the client's record.

Call Monitoring, Coaching, Barging

Supervise, Train, and Assist your sales and customer service teams on live calls. Management can monitor calls from their desk, giving the manager direct knowledge and insight into the conversations your employees have with leads and customers.

Monitor calls live, by entering an easy touch tone command.

In monitor mode the customer cannot hear anything, but your employee can.

Call coaching refers to the act of assisting your employee when monitoring their calls.

Call barging is a powerful feature in which the manager can take over a call before it spirals out of control.

With a simple keystroke managers can barge the call i.e. enter into the call.

Call Monitoring, Coaching, Barging
Call Center Reporting
Call Center Reporting

Analyze your call center production down to the minute with custom dashboards and powerful reporting.

Measure and track performance with call center specific reports.

Promptly respond to slow or inefficient agents.

At a glance spot trends in calling behavior.

Use call volume reporting to measure your best performing agents.

Enterprise Voicemail

Delivering a flexible yet powerful voicemail system.

Each user in your organization has their own folder in your company mailbox.

User mailbox folders hold up to 500 voicemails each!

Save, archive, share, or delete your voicemail from inside of your CRM.

Enterprise Voicemail System
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Save money by reducing personnel with powerful Interactive Voice Response.

Setup multiple auto attendant scripts programmed to interact with your callers.

Save time and money by allowing your phone system to screen your calls.

Reduce downtime by confirming callers are transfered to the right person the first time.

Call Queues

Automate and organize your office or call center with call queues, an included feature in your CRM Telephony software's Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) feature set. Call queues will route inbound calls to a waiting area, where they will be served up to your agents in order. Call Queues will route inbound callers to the right team of agents e.g. support, sales, billing, etc.

Easily create and manage call queues.

Admin's can quickly log agents in or out of call queues.

Watch your queues in real time; manage holdtime, talktime, calls answered, calls unanswered, inbount callers waiting to connect, and more.

Choose from a dozen different automatic queue announcements and dfine the frequency in which they play.

Some available queue announcements include: next in line, calls waiting, hold time, thank you for waiting, report expected hold time.

Call Queues
Call Recording
Call Recording

Administrators can quickly enable call recording for both inbound calls and outbound calls.

Enable call recording globally, by agent, or on demand.

Listen to call recordings right from the activity timeline of the customer.

Record calls regardless of device.

Access recordings in real time for up to 90 days, download recordings for your own records.

Call Forwarding

No more missed calls, with a powerful call forwarding feature available too all users in your organization.

Forward calls to any phone line, extension, or device.

Create rules to automate call forwarding.

Choose the number of rings are allowed before the call is forwarded.

Forward calls based on certain time frames, call queues, even caller id.

Call Forwarding

Product Customization

Customize every aspect of Snapforce to fit your company's profile and business needs, including the color, field labels, modules, and page layouts.

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CRM Customization
Theme Customization

Theme Customization

Choose a theme that best represents your company by selecting primary and contrast page colors.

Customize the colors of your system to match your company logo and colors.

Rename Modules

Avoid confusion by customizing module names based on the terminology used within your company.

Change the default naming schema with your preferred terminology. You can change the Accounts module to be called "Customers" for example.

Rename Modules
CRM Custom Fields

Custom Fields

Create custom fields that do not currently exist within Snapforce. Custom fields can hold various different types of information.

Custom field types include Text, Text Area, Picklist, Checkbox, Radio, Date, Date Time, Lookup, User Lookup

Custom fields can be set to required or optional, have a default value set, and also be set to unique.

Custom Links

Create links to external websites and social media pages using the custom field generator. These links will take you directly to the pages with the click of a button.

Custom links can be placed within your page layouts to provide easy access to third party resources.

CRM Custom Links
CRM Custom Buttons

Custom Buttons

Create custom shortcut buttons based on your company's needs.

Custom buttons can be placed within the main page of a record. These buttons will act as shortcuts and will complete an action or set of actions once clicked.

Custom Modules

Create your own custom modules that store specific information needed to complete daily tasks.

If a necessary module does not exist within Snapforce, a custom module can be created for you. This module can store any type of information and perform custom functions based on your company's business needs.

CRM Custom Modules
CRM Page Layouts

Page Layouts

Arrange each module to contain the exact fields needed to complete daily tasks.

Add and remove necessary fields to and from the page layout in the desired order.

Create sections for fields based on order of importance. Set sections to be expanded or collapsed when the page is opened.

Create multiple layouts for each module based on the type of information being stored in each record type. Set conditions and rules that determine when each layout will be displayed.

Page Layout Rules

Set conditions for custom page layouts to determine how records are displayed when opened.

Create custom fields that affect the way a record is viewed. These custom fields can be included in the set of rules attached to a particular layout.

Once layouts are created, users will be prompted to select the type of record they will be creating, which will then assign the layout to the new record based on what was chosen.

Layout rules will apply to all existing records that fit the criteria. These rules can be updated and removed at any time, which will automatically affect the layout of the records that the rules do or do not apply to.

CRM Page Layout Rules
CRM Unique Fields

Unique Fields

Create unique fields that force users to enter a distinct value each time a record is created or updated.

Prevent manually added duplicate contacts or order numbers. Once a field is marked as 'unique', there can only be one record within the system containing that value in that field.

Also prevent imported duplicates. Once a field is marked 'unique', the import will bypass importing anything with an indentical field value.

Custom Views

Create custom views to display the most essential information at a glance.

Add and remove fields within each view to display only necessary information for a set of records.

Customize views based on the needs of each user. Make each view visible only to the necessary users to avoid clutter.

Add filters to each custom view to display specific records. Filter by dates, types, companies, statuses, and any other available fields.

CRM Custom Views
CRM Logo and Branding

Logo and Branding

Further personalize Snapforce by adding your company's logo to multiple areas.

Add logos to the Snapforce header and login screens for customization visible to users.

Add logos to letterheads that will be displayed when presenting quotes and invoices to customers.

Workflow Automation

Bring your business to the next level with powerful workflow automation. Define custom workflows, decide when they execute, set unlimited filters and actions for each.

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CRM Workflow Rules

Workflow Rules

Create conditions or criteria that when met will trigger actions within Snapforce.

Create rules to trigger specific reactions when record types are created, edited, or deleted.

Create date/time rules that trigger actions when the date is approaching or is reached.

Create value rules for incrementing fields that will trigger certain actions when a certain number is reached.

Execute On

Create custom workflows for your business that are executed automatically on:

  1. When a new record is created
  2. When an existing record is edited
  3. When a record is deleted
  4. Execute on a specified date
  5. Execute on a recurring timeframe

Execute Workflow On
Workflow Assignment Rules

Assignment Rules

Specify a sequence of rules required before a record can be entered into the system.

  1. Create a submission system, in which all records within the selected module must be submitted and approved prior to write/delete access being allowed.
  2. Set conditions in which these records must meet prior to moving along in the approval process. Reject any records that do not meet all conditions.

Case Escalation Rules

Prevent cases from being incorrectly escalated by setting escalation rules.

  1. Set rules to have escalations flow through the correct departments to ensure that each level of the hierarchy has assessed the case.
  2. Set rules to have cases automatically assigned to the specific departments based on the chosen case type.
  3. Create rules to have cases escalated if they are not responded to within a certain time frame.

Case Escalation Rules
Workflow Approval Process

Approval Process

Specify a sequence of rules required before a record can be entered into the system.

  1. Create a submission system, in which all records within the selected module must be submitted and approved prior to write/delete access being allowed.
  2. Set conditions in which these records must meet prior to moving along in the approval process. Reject any records that do not meet all conditions.

Workflow Alerts

Generate system alerts based on set workflow rules.

  1. Generate system alerts based on set workflow rules.
  2. Set e-mail alerts that will be sent to users once a rule or condition has been met.

CRM Workflow Alerts


Snapforce offers integrations with various third-party applications and programs to improve efficiency while completing daily work.

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CRM Integrations
Snapforce Virtual PBX

Snapforce Virtual PBX

Manage outbound and inbound calls within Snapforce using a connection to the PBX phone system.

View details of outgoing, incoming, and missed calls placed through phones linked with Snapforce.

Quickly view details of the lead or company within Snapforce by pulling up the record associated with the call being placed.

Log any details about the call during or after the call within the call notes area.


Manage online payments and finances with our integration with Authorize.net.

Using Authorize.net and Snapforce, automate the invoicing process to ensure timely payments.

Keep track of payments made through Authorize.net by storing this information within each record in Snapforce.

Authorize.net Integration
Paypal Integration


Link Paypal transactions to Snapforce to ensure timely payments and accurate, secure transactions.

Use Snapforce as a bookkeeping tool, along with Paypal, to track processing and posted payments.

Keep an archive of payment history for each customer within Snapforce that can be easily referenced.

Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, and IMAP Integration

Synchronize your mail server with Snapforce to allow communication with leads and customers from within Snapforce.

Enter your personal server settings into the imap settings area within Snapforce to gain the ability to send messages to recipients from within the record.

Communicate using Snapforce or using your third-party mail application. No matter the platform is used, the communication will be logged within the timeline of the e-mail recipient's record.

Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, and IMAP Integration
Quickbooks Integration


Easily sync data between Snapforce and Quickbooks using the Quickbooks connector.

Build invoices within Snapforce and sync them to Quickbooks to complete the payment transactions.

Keep track of payments within Quickbooks, then update the records in Snapforce for reflect these payments.

Elastic E-mail

Use Elastic Email to manage your campaigns and monitor e-mail delivery statistics.

Manage campaigns and marketing material through Snapforce with the integration of Elastic Email.

Create rules and conditions for automatic e-mail sending.

Elastic E-mail Integration
Constant Contact Integration

Constant Contact

Get the most out of your data by automatically synchronizing customer data between Snapforce and Constant Contact.

Keep your master list within Constant Contact updated when leads and contacts are added into Snapforce.

Send campaign contact lists created within Snapforce to Constant Contact.

Synchronize custom field mapping to ensure that data is 100% accurate across both platforms.


Use Snapforce's integration with MailChimp to manage campaigns and mailing list subscriptions.

Ensure that the most up-to-date information for each contact is sent to MailChimp by synchronizing records with Snapforce.

Generate and track communication with Snapforce sales leads within Mailchimp. Use MailChimp to analyze data about the subscribers, which will determine what type of communication should be sent to each one.

MailChimp Integration
Two-way Mail Sync

Mail Sync

The e-mail sync feature allows you to use Snapforce to communicate with clients using your personal e-mail account.

Send and receive e-mail from within Snapforce. Each message is logged in the timeline of the associated e-mail recipient.

Once your e-mail account is linked to Snapforce, any communication that takes place in third-party e-mail applications will populate in the respective timelines.

Create new records within Snapforce directly from an e-mail message.


Engage in live chat conversations with customers using the Zopim integration.

Get a head start on conversations by automatically pulling details from the records within Snapforce into Zopim.

Archive chat conversations for historical use, with the ability to export and e-mail them as needed.

Zopim Integration
LiveChatInc Integration


Automatically trigger actions within Snapforce when specific conditions are met to eliminate time-consuming manual data entry.

Gather data from Snapforce to create customer profiles within LiveChat.

Easily access chat transcripts during live chats, to allow you to verify previous information at any time.

Use information gathered from the chat visitor to create sales lead information within Snapforce.


Provide service for online document signing using Snapforce's integration with RightSignature.

Link signed documents to the corresponding contact or customer's record within Snapforce.

RightSignature Integration