Product Customization


Product Customization

Customize every aspect of Snapforce to fit your company's profile and business needs, including the color, field labels, modules, and page layouts.

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CRM Product Customization
CRM Theme Customization

Theme Customization

Choose a theme that best represents your company by selecting primary and contrast page colors.

Customize the colors of your system to match your company logo and colors.

Rename Modules

Avoid confusion by customizing module names based on the terminology used within your company.

Change the default naming schema with your preferred terminology. You can change the Accounts module to be called "Customers" for example.

Rename Modules in CRM
CRM Custom Fields

Custom Fields

Create custom fields that do not currently exist within Snapforce. Custom fields can hold various different types of information.

Custom field types include Text, Text Area, Picklist, Checkbox, Radio, Date, Date Time, Lookup, User Lookup

Custom fields can be set to required or optional, have a default value set, and also be set to unique.

Custom Links

Create links to external websites and social media pages using the custom field generator. These links will take you directly to the pages with the click of a button.

Custom links can be placed within your page layouts to provide easy access to third party resources.

CRM Custom Links
CRM Custom Buttons

Custom Buttons

Create custom shortcut buttons based on your company's needs.

Custom buttons can be placed within the main page of a record. These buttons will act as shortcuts and will complete an action or set of actions once clicked.

Custom Modules

Create your own custom modules that store specific information needed to complete daily tasks.

If a necessary module does not exist within Snapforce, a custom module can be created for you. This module can store any type of information and perform custom functions based on your company's business needs.

CRM Custom Modules
CRM Page Layouts

Page Layouts

Customize the page layouts of your modules to contain the exact fields needed to complete daily tasks.

Add and remove necessary fields to and from the page layout in the desired order.

Create sections for fields based on order of importance. Set sections to be expanded or collapsed when the page is opened.

Create multiple layouts for each module based on the type of information being stored in each record type. Set conditions and rules that determine when each layout will be displayed.

Page Layout Rules

Set conditions for custom page layouts to determine how records are displayed when opened.

Create custom fields that affect the way a record is viewed. These custom fields can be included in the set of rules attached to a particular layout.

Once layouts are created, users will be prompted to select the type of record they will be creating, which will then assign the layout to the new record based on what was chosen.

Layout rules will apply to all existing records that fit the criteria. These rules can be updated and removed at any time, which will automatically affect the layout of the records that the rules do or do not apply to.

CRM Page Layout Rules
CRM Unique Fields

Unique Fields

Create unique fields that force users to enter a distinct value each time a record is created or updated.

Prevent manually added duplicate contacts or order numbers. Once a field is marked as 'unique', there can only be one record within the system containing that value in that field.

Also prevent imported duplicates. Once a field is marked 'unique', the import will bypass importing anything with an indentical field value.

Custom Views

Create custom views to display the most essential information at a glance.

Add and remove fields within each view to display only necessary information for a set of records.

Customize views based on the needs of each user. Make each view visible only to the necessary users to avoid clutter.

Add filters to each custom view to display specific records. Filter by dates, types, companies, statuses, and any other available fields.

CRM Custom Views
CRM Logo and Branding

Logo and Branding

Further personalize Snapforce by adding your company's logo to multiple areas.

Add logos to the Snapforce header and login screens for customization visible to users.

Add logos to letterheads that will be displayed when presenting quotes and invoices to customers.