Territory Management Software


What is territory management software?

Territory management software lets you organize your data by geographical region, and give sales people or company employees access to data in their assigned territories. Territory management is often used by organizations that have multiple offices, and whose employees only need to access data for the office they work for.

If your sales force has teams in multiple offices, and only need to access the leads in their territory, this is a great feature for you. Another reason you may use territory management is if you are breaking into new markets that are categorized by non-geographic criteria. Such as when you base your sales segments by some other demographic or category, you can still use this feature the same way.

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Territory management software
Assign sales person to territories

Territory management vs. user permissions

Administrators can always modify user permissions, but changing a user's permissions is not the same thing as territory management. Territory management is a lower level feature, that let's you assign each record in the CRM (organizations, persons, and deals) to a specific territory. Then you can assign each user to the territories they are supposed to have access to. That way if a specific sales person should only have access to the leads or deals in the New York territory, or if a specific sales person should only see the data in the Morris County, Passaic County, and Bergen County territories, you can do that as well.

Benefits of territory management

Structure your data by geographic region, and assign each region to specific sales people or sales teams. Eliminate the chance of sales people accessing data in another sales person's territories. By organizing your deals by sales territories, reporting will become easier and more flexible. Running reports in your CRM with sales territories configured gives you easy insight into sales user performance but also regional sales performance.

Another benefit is increasing your insight into forecasting your future sales, with territory management enabled you can forecast your future sales by sales territories. Allowing you to compare the expected sales between each of your new sales markets or territories.

Territory management reporting