Pipeline Management


What is Pipeline Management Software?

Pipeline management software organizes the deals your sales people are trying to close into stages. You can create multiple pipelines for each sales process your business has, such as Outbound Sales and Inbound Sales. Then within each pipeline you have the stages for that sales process, which gives your sales team an easy way to manage their pipeline and move deals from one stage to the next as they complete the milestones of their sales journey.

Pipeline management is part of the suite of sales enablement features that come with sales CRM systems like Snapforce. Moving your deals from one stage to the next with the goal of completing the sales journey which would hopefully result in a Won sale, helps to maintain a sense of momentum for the sales person who is working on closing deals.

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Pipeline Management
Sales Funnels

Sales Funnel vs. Sales Pipeline

Sales funnels and sales pipelines are synonyms of eachother, they both represent the same idea that guides the sales person through the sales process to reach a closed won or closed lost result. The sales funnel is normally displayed in a funnel type chart that shows the pipeline stages and the number of deals that exist in each stage. Normally each stage would become more narrow as the sales funnel reaches the end of the sales process or ending stages, as it more difficult to reach the end of the sales process.

In Snapforce you can have as many sales pipelines as you want and visualize each pipeline in a funnel chart on the dashboard.

Is pipeline management only used for sales?

Pipeline management software is used by more than just sales people. It is very common to use pipeline management software to manage your projects, or campaigns, or customer success process. It is very common to create pipelines for each sales process, but also for customer management processes, such as customer onboarding.

An example of a customer onboarding pipeline may include stages Welcome Call, Setup Call, Review Call, Setup Complete. Any process that includes a journey can be complimented by using a pipeline management tool.

Customer Onboarding Pipeline