Web Forms

Web Forms


Web to Lead, Contact, Account Forms

Pre-build web forms to capture website visitor information that can be imported directly into your leads module.

  1. Assign leads captured by web forms to specific users based on set rules(location, industry, etc.)
  2. Use web forms to create contact records. Communicate with these newly-created contacts through Snapforce.
  3. Directly create accounts using web visitor information, or create web-to-lead records that automatically convert to accounts with the use of triggers.

Web to Case Forms

Capture data from website visitors to create surveys that can be generated into cases within Snapforce.

  1. Use web forms to gather online feedback that can also be generated into cases and escalated as requests for improvement.
  2. Use web forms to receive questions from visitors. Respond to these questions through Cases created within Snapforce.

Auto Responder

Set up autoresponders to send e-mail messages to visitors that fill out web to lead forms.

  1. Follow up with leads generated through web forms to respond to special questions/requests
  2. Send questions/requests to the visitors based on information collected from the web forms.

Custom Auto Response Templates

Create custom templates that can be used when sending auto-response e-mails.

  1. Create conditional templates that are triggered along with the appropriate e-mail messages when visitors complete web forms.
  2. Create numerous conditions that when satisfied, will send out auto-response e-mails using the corresponding templates.

Assignment Rules

Automatically assign records within Snapforce once the web forms generate lead records.

  1. Create multiple rules to generate leads and assign them to users within Snapforce. Create assignments based on specific criteria or set rules to assign records to each user in a specific order.
  2. Create tasks to notify record owners of new lead assignments once leads have been assigned.
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