Customer Support

Customer Support

Manage customer-reported issues and create an environment in which guides and answers to frequent issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Case Management

Easily manage and resolve customer issues with our case management tool. Within the Cases module, issues can be logged, closed, and archived for historical purposes.

  1. Receive e-mail notifications when new cases are logged and new comments are added so that each case can be addressed in a timely manner.
  2. Add comments and upload files to open cases to assist with resolving issues.
  3. Prioritize issues and distribute cases based on issue category.
  4. Track and manage trends by grouping related issues reported by your customers.
Knowledge Base


Using the Solutions module, create a knowledge base containing company guidelines, call scripts, step-by-step procedures, and more.

  1. Create instructional guides using images and videos that can be added to the solutions module.
  2. Separate solutions into line items that can be easily found by searching for keywords.
  3. Edit and update solutions to be more helpful by allowing users to rank the efficiency of each solution.

Case Reports

Track open and closed cases using pre-configured Support reports and dashboards.

  1. Monitor open cases in order of issue severity, date opened, assigned user, etc.
  2. Get a visualization of the rate in which cases are being created and resolved with volume reports.
  3. Build custom reports containing additional case information that can be added to the support dashboard.

Phone Support

Enable customers to contact users by phone by linking Snapforce to phone systems using a VoiP or softphone.

  1. View call logs daily to track information including call date/time, call length, user, caller information, and more.
  2. Generate call reports to assist with managing user performance.
  3. Record incoming calls to monitor and evaluate phone support quality.
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