Written by JENELLE DEMARCO 12/08/2016

Elastic Email

Here at Snapforce we have been diligently working for our customers on some exciting and major changes to our CRM software.

We are excited to announce that we will now offer an integration with Elastic E-mail!

About Elastic Email

Elastic Email is a highly functional and powerful email platform. Instead of using older technology the engineers at Elastic Email built their email platform from the ground up. They focused on making email delivery as speedy and efficient as possible doing this, Elastic Email has been able to keep costs lower compared to other platforms out there.

Elastic Email built a global network of inbound and outbound servers. This means that when an email is sent, it is taking the most efficient route to get to its recipient's inbox. The same way your GPS guides you in a route that is lowest in distance as well as short in time. Think of someone without a GPS... they may be taking a longer route or maybe even get lost and show up hours later. That's what other email services can be like.

About the Integration

For our current customers and future customers, continue reading below to find out what this means for you after integration. For those customers with an Elastic Email Account already, your Snapforce Campaigns Module will automatically use your current Elastic Email Account as the delivery engine.

This integration encompasses the best of both worlds, using your favorite email marketing service, with the benefit of analyzing your marketing results using the reporting and analytical tools available in Snapforce. You will realize immediate synergies after integration, such as enhanced statistics, ease of use, joined reporting, and more.

Using the Elastic Email application programming interface (API) we have been able to capture the results of your campaigns in real time and store them in your Snapforce database. This means you now have the ability to analyze the results of your campaigns with the power of the Snapforce Reporting interface. Opening the door to run reports on not only your Campaign data, but run joined reports with the rest of your Snapforce Modules. Exponentially increasing the likelihood that you will spot patterns and trends that otherwise would not have been possible to uncover.

Additional benefits of this integration include:

  • Pushing contacts, leads, or accounts into Elastic Email.
  • Additional visibility into the emails logged in lead and customer timelines.
  • Knowing if your emails were delivered, opened, clicked, or spam requested.
  • Automatic summation of the campaign results, such as total clicked, total bounced, total opened, etc.

Elastic Email's stable and efficient platform that customers have been utilizing will now be able to continue to experience the very best of Elastic Email from within their Snapforce CRM. We hope this will help continue to enhance productivity and allow you to continue using the products you love all from within your Snapforce CRM.

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