Written by MICHAEL MORRIS 03/15/2021

Pipedrive CRM is a popular customer relationship management software, built for small sales teams. Pipedrive is strictly a sales tool, they do not offer help desk or marketing automation features. Last year fifty five Pipedrive customers switched to Snapforce, the reason is due to lack of features and constant pricing changes.

Over the years Pipedrive has consistently increased their pricing. Part of the reason may be that they have become a leader in the sales based CRM market, and they may feel they can.

Unfortunately for Pipedrive there are many other CRM systems available that offer the same (and more) functionality at lower prices. Considering Pipedrive only offers a sales tool, and have no customer service tools, marketing tools, or inventory management tools.

Pipedrive Pricing Breakdown

The pricing structure of Pipedrive is similar to all other CRM systems on the market (with the exception of Snapforce). Pipedrive has four different editions, the most expensive is $99 per month per user (billed annually).

Like all other SaaS products each edition of their product has the same features as the previous edition, but include a few more features and is priced higher than the last.

Essential Edition

Pipedrive CRM's Essential Edition is their least expensive system, the pricing starts at $18 per month per user. Unlike other CRM systems, Pipedrive only offers basic features in this edition. The features include Deals and Activities (that's all). That means your sales people can create and manage their deals (what most CRM's refer to as opportunities), and log activities for each. There are no leads, nor cases, nor mail sync features with this edition.

To get started with Pipedrive's Essential Edition for 10 users it will cost $2,160 for the year.

Alternative - Snapforce CRM pricing is $12 per user per month, it includes all of the same features with much more functionality. Some of the additional features include Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Pipeline management, E-mail inbox (webmail client), event management, standard reporting and dashboards.

Advanced Edition

Pipedrive CRM's Advanced Edition costs $33 per user per month, and has all the same features as their Essentials Edition but also includes Products.

With the Advanced Edition users can add line items to the deals they enter in Pipedrive. Without products, the deals you enter would only include a grandtotal, but lack any information describing the details. It seems obvious that managing your deals in a CRM requires the need to also include the products being purchased for that deal.

Due to the fact that the Advanced Edition of Pipedrive is the least expensive edition that includes Products, I would say it is the absolutely necessary to choose it over their Essentials Edition. Unfortunately it costs $15 more.

The Advanced Edition also includes two-way mail sync. This feature is great if you want all of the email communication your sales people send back and forth with customers to log automatically into the their timelines (Snapforce CRM includes two-way mail sync and is half the price).

To get started with Pipedrive's Advanced Edition for 10 users it will cost $4,752 for the year.

Alternative - Snapforce CRM pricing for the same features (and the additional features we spoke about above) is still $12 plus $5 per user per month for the two-way mail sync feature. That brings Snapforce to $17 per user per month compared to Pipedrive's $33 per user per month.

Professional Edition

Pipedrive CRM's Professional Edition comes with a monthly cost of $59 per user. All the same features are included in the Professional Edition as were included in their Advanced Edition, but also includes Group Emailing, and a Twilio integration to dial phone numbers.

These two additional features do not seem worth the additional $26 per user per month. So why do they charge so much more for so little additional functionality? The answer lies with the Twilio integration, on their product comparison page Pipedrive lists the twilio integration as "Caller", insinuating that this edition includes telephony. The truth is that real CRM Telephony includes much more than just a simple integration with Twilio.

Their Caller feature does not include any call center software functionality, it does not include call queues, automatic call distribution (ACD), auto attendants, call monitoring, coaching, or barging, nor company voicemail. All of these telephony features are included in Snapforce CRM's Telephony module.

To get started with Pipedrive's Professional Edition for 10 users it will cost $8,496 for the year.

Alternative - Snapforce CRM pricing for these same features is still $12 per user per month, plus $5 for two-way mail sync and $20 for telephony. That means Snapforce's total would be $37 versus Pipedrive's cost of $59.

Enterprise Edition

Pipedrive CRM's Enterprise Edition costs $99 per user per month (billed annually!). That's right, there is no monthly pricing available for this edition. The other odd thing about this edition is that there are no additional features that come with it when compared to their Professional Edition.

The reason for the $40 increase and annual pricing according to Pipedrive's website, is that with the Enterprise Edition you will receive customer service from their support team and they will help you with onboarding.

This type of pricing increase seems to be due to the fact that they do not have the support staff in place to provide technical support for ordinary customers. In order to make that level of customer support worth it, they require an upfront annual commitment and an additional $40 per user per month.

To get started with Pipedrive's Enterprise Edition for 10 users it will cost $14,256 for the year.

Alternative - Snapforce CRM pricing for these same features is no higher than it was when we compared it to their Professional Edition, it is still $12 per user per month, plus $5 for two-way mail sync and $20 for telephony. That means Snapforce's total would be $37 versus Pipedrive's cost of $99, and we charge by the month, not annually. Additionally Snapforce provides unlimited customer support.

About Snapforce's Pricing Model

Snapforce CRM is a cloud based CRM software that offers a large suite of features. Unlike all other CRM's that charge based on the Edition you purchase, we offer optional modules that you can add-on to the core CRM product. These modules are offered "a la carte" in which you can add modules for just the users that need them. This means if one user needs access to the Campaigns module, you do not need to add this feature for all of your users, only the one user that will be using it.

This a la carte pricing model provides you the flexibility and comfort that you are only paying for what you need.

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