Written by JENELLE DEMARCO 06/10/2016

Wouldn't you love for your customers to continue to grow with and be a part of your company? Snapforce currently serves around 1,000 customers with more than 26,000 active users, coming from 18 countries around the world. Snapforce customer support strives to ensure their clients use their product successfully, if they believe a specific feature will not benefit a customer, they do not recommend it. This company value is vital when maintaining this large of a client base.

Dig Deep!

Knowing your customer inside out is key in building deep customer relationships, and essential to keeping long-term customers. It not only increases trust and loyalty, which will result in more repeat business, but also can lead to new business from the friends and colleagues of your customer. Customer referrals are the strongest lead source you can have, there is no better sales force than your customers. With that being said lets review how to achieve this; the primary and simplest way is communication, a lot of customer communication. If you are constantly communicating with your client, any problems they run into when using your product will be brought to your attention promptly and gives you the best chance to to provide them the support they need.

When you first obtain new customers, you can build this type of relationship by making the customer feel welcomed and secure with choosing your product. Emphasize how you take care of your customers and go out of your way to satisfy them, you need to know who your customers are and what they want. Get as much information as possible the more you know the better! The goal is to get to know your customers so well that you can anticipate their needs.

Set Customer Expectations

The first step to building better customer retention is to set client expectations early. The earlier the better. Don’t wait. By setting expectations early and a little lower than you can provide, you can eliminate uncertainty as to the level of service you need to offer to ensure your clients are happy. Excellent customer service and high customer satisfaction must start with understanding customer expectations. Customer expectations set the bar for customer satisfaction which also affects repurchase decisions and customer loyalty. If a customer feels like you did not deliver a service that was expected, they won’t come back and buy from you again. On the other hand, if you deliver a service that exceeds customer expectations, you can bet they will come back to buy again. To manage expectations, companies can first start managing their promises.

Expertise is Key

No matter what the industry, if you can be the expert in your particular field, you will likely retain more customers. Becoming your customers trusted advisor will build customer loyalty and reduce customer churn. Becoming a trusted source on all technology, you build a relationship that leads to a dependency. Your customers will trust you, rely on you to give the best advice, and recognize you as a essential part of their business success. If you want to build trust with clients, identify industry-specific problems currently facing those clients.

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