Written by MICHAEL MORRIS 03/29/2021

Are you looking to increase sales in your call center? Call Center software has many useful features, but there are three particular features that will help your sales team boost sales and performance.

If you are not familiar with this type of software check out our what is call center software article to get caught up quick.

I have helped hundreds of large call centers increase their callers performance and sales with specific features our call center software offers. There are three features in particular that make a huge difference quickly.

Local Presence Dialing

Local presence dialing is a call center software feature that automatically changes your caller id to match the area code of the number you are calling. The call center software provides you a pool of local phone numbers for all area codes you are dialing.

Since you have a pool of local numbers, whenever a customer returns your call using the local number they see on their caller id, it will still ring to your phone.

Local presence dialing is a powerful feature that dramatically increases the answer rate of your outbound call center. When using this feature the performance of your call center will increase quickly, and is definitely worth checking out.

Voicemail Drops

Voicemail drops are another great call center software feature. Voicemail drops let your call agents press a button on their phone to automatically leave the voicemail for them.

The voicemail message is pre-recorded, and is loaded to the call center software, when your call agents begin to hear the voicemail process begin they press a sequence of buttons like "123#" and hang up. The call center software will drop the recording into the voicemail for them.

Voicemail drops eliminate the time your call center agents waste when leaving voicemails.

Call Monitoring, Call Coaching, Call Barging

Call Monitoring, Coaching, and Barging is a call center feature that provides your managers a way to tap your call agents phone calls, and do three different things.

  • Monitoring
  • Coaching
  • Barging

Call Monitoring

Call Monitoring gives your managers the ability to listen to the call without either the agent nor the customer knowing a third person is on the call. They are literally "tapping" the line, and neither party can hear the manager listening.

Call Coaching

Call Coaching provides your manager a way to coach the call agent without the customer hearing them. While the manager is monitoring the call, if they hear the agent begin to struggle with the customer's questions, they can change modes and switch to the Coaching mode.

Call Barging

Call Barging is the last of the three modes of this feature where the manager can completely take over the call between the call agent and the customer.

If the manager begins to feel that coaching the call agent is not getting the job done, they can barge into the call by switching to the Call Barging mode.


These types of features are not only for large call center operations, they can benefit any size call center.

If your current system does not offer these features, take a look at Snapforce CRM Call Center Software. Unlike many other products on the market, there are no additional charges for these bonus features. Check out the pricing and configuration page to learn more.

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