Written by JENELLE DEMARCO 05/10/2017

At Snapforce, we have a true competitive edge over other popular CRM systems like Salesforce or Sugar CRM. We allow you to customize the CRM system to fit your needs. Our customization isn't just limited to changing the name of sections or fields.

We give the customer the chance to clue us in on what new features we can create to enhance the functionality for the CRM.

Feature Requests can be made using your Client Portal the same way you would create a case with Snapforce. Thinking about making a Feature Request? Here's what you need to know!

What is a Feature Request?

A Feature Request is a suggestion, made by the customer, to Snapforce, about adding certain functionality to the CRM that the customer feels will add to their productivity with the CRM. We want Snapforce to evolve continually. While other CRM's may focus on a few major features to premiere during periodic updates, we chose to build on that by allowing customers to directly influence those new features at any time.

As you use Snapforce, you may find that your workflow may be aided by adding something. For example, we had a client who relied on the notes for all the accounts. However, to do this at the time, it involved having to select each account individually one by one. He had to go to the accounts page, select an account, read the notes, go back to the accounts page, and so on.

He submitted a request to add functionality to the system that would allow him to view notes directly on the accounts page. After several weeks of development, this feature was created and added to his CRM. This feature also became available for all other Users of Snapforce if they wanted to enable it.

Be Realistic

When making a request, you have to keep in mind that the core of Snapforce's functionality is staying put. Snapforce can be customized towards almost any industries needs. We have insurance brokers, pharmaceutical companies, construction, etc.

A request to change things about Snapforce to make it more like Reynolds & Reynolds (Dealership CRM Systems), that just would not be plausible. Sometimes the customer will show us their previous CRM's and will ask us if we can make the pages look just like it.

Snapforce is Snapforce. Not anybody else. We don't want to look just like the others. Change is hard. If there was something from your previous system you loved, such as a sorting tool, a leads format, etc., then those are things we want to hear about. With your help Snapforce can become the best of the way! Make your suggestion, just keep them realistic.

The Request part of Feature Request

With the number of Feature Requests we get weekly, I would say about 70% are fulfilled completely. I say completely, because some of those requests can be answered in different ways.

A customer may request a way to view a map of a businesses address when clicking their address on the Accounts page. We may take that suggestion, and decide to put a map directly on the accounts page.

So we are sort of building on top of the request in some cases. A good example of why you should always submit a request. Someone in development reads your suggestion and it clicks and they come up with something awesome!

Understand Being Turned Down

Unfortunately, their are times we simply have to decline the request made. That is why it is important to truly understand that we cannot fulfill every single one. I'm not a programmer or developer. I can't build a website let alone all the things Snapforce does.

To me, adding a way to chat with other users of my CRM seems super easy. Facebook does it, why can't Snapforce just make that too? Why can't it be done in two days? Or make it so when I press this, it does this and that and this, and it then does another thing, and blah blah, it is like something so small! Why can't they just do it?

Seriously, I've made suggestions myself like that. I'm privy to behind the scenes, so when I get told no or it's not possible, I ask why. In simple terms, because of things that aren't simple. While it's easy for people like us to say it or suggest it, doesn't mean it is easy for someone or a team of people to build that functionality.

When we make these requests and get denied for reasons of logistics, we have to trust that the experts know what they are talking about. If you do get denied but feel passionate about your request, call us up!

Can you imagine telling Facebook you would rather your chat box be bigger and on the left of the page not the right? Can you imagine the following week it's changed to how you wanted it?

Snapforce gives you the chance to influence changes to your system. See it is not just ours, it is yours too. We want to keep it that way. So make sure you share your feedback, wants and needs so we can continue supplying you with the CRM that keeps your business growing.

And remember, if your request is denied, talk to a Snapforce Support Specialist. They can work with you on finding a different way to go about filling in the gap of what you think is missing. We are here for you.

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