Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Bring your business to the next level with powerful workflow automation. Define custom workflows, decide when they execute, set unlimitted filters and actions for each.

Workflow Rules

Create conditions or criteria that when met will trigger actions within Snapforce.

  1. Create rules to trigger specific reactions when record types are created, edited, or deleted.
  2. Create date/time rules that trigger actions when the date is approaching or is reached.
  3. Create value rules for incrementing fields that will trigger certain actions when a certain number is reached.
When to run

Execute On

Create custom workflows for your business that are executed automatically on:

  1. When a new record is created
  2. When an existing record is edited
  3. When a record is deleted
  4. Execute on a specified date
  5. Execute on a recurring timeframe

Assignment Rules

Create rules that will assign specific records to users that fit the criteria.

  1. Create assignment rules that will automatically assign owners for newly-imported records.
  2. Along with ownership, assign tasks with each new record based on the set rules.

Approval Process

Specify a sequence of rules required before a record can be entered into the system.

  1. Create a submission system, in which all records within the selected module must be submitted and approved prior to write/delete access being allowed.
  2. Set conditions in which these records must meet prior to moving along in the approval process. Reject any records that do not meet all conditions.

Case Escalation Rules

Prevent cases from being incorrectly escalated by setting escalation rules.

  1. Set rules to have escalations flow through the correct departments to ensure that each level of the hierarchy has assessed the case.
  2. Set rules to have cases automatically assigned to the specific departments based on the chosen case type.
  3. Create rules to have cases escalated if they are not responded to within a certain time frame.

Workflow Alerts

Generate system alerts based on set workflow rules.

  1. Generate system alerts based on set workflow rules.
  2. Set e-mail alerts that will be sent to users once a rule or condition has been met.
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