Written by JENELLE DEMARCO 10/18/2016

RightSignature has become the standard in electronic signatures - readily available on multiple platforms making it easy to use for you and your customers. Gone are the days of being told to download software or having to work through compatibility issues, all your customer needs is access to the Internet. Available on Computers, tablets, Smart phones and iPads, signing documents has never been easier; all a prospective client or current customer has to do is use their mouse or touch screen, press down and sign their name.

Keep your existing documents and upload them to RightSignature. Once there you can customize and add fields; such as checkboxes, picklists, dates, and signature fields. As soon as you've completed customizing your original document you're ready to send it with an email.

Adding to the functionality of your Snapforce CRM, a connected RightSignature account will add a new level of convenience. From within your Snapforce CRM you will now be able to send, receive, and store your signed documents without ever having to leave the CRM Interface.

Hoping to seal the deal with a prospective client? From directly within your Leads or Accounts Module you can now send them an email with a link to your document. The client signs electronically and submits. Now you'll have their signed document filed under their record information. Never go digging through paper stacks or risk an important document going missing. It's right their at your fingertips.

Getting Started

For existing Snapforce users who already use RightSignature connecting the two systems together is very simple; Sign into Snapforce with Administrator credentials and open the Admin Setup Area, click Plugins then choose RightSignature and follow the two steps process it outlines.

For existing Snapforce users who do not currently use RightSignature, simply sign up for a RightSignature free trial to get started. After registering your RightSignature account follow the process outlined above.

Wrap Up

Snapforce couldn't be more pleased to be announcing RightSignature as the newest addition to our list of official system integrations. At Snapforce, we believe in simplifying once complicated processes for our customers so that they can focus on what matters most to them, closing deals.

This new integration does just that, resulting in more efficient work flows, eliminating the distractions that come from using multiple systems, and ultimately cutting down the average time it takes to receive a signed document from a lead or customer. Snapforce continues to work hard in developing new features and forging new business relationships to bring our customers a sole solution to all their business needs.

Read what our friends at RightSignature are saying about this integration: http://blog.rightsignature.com/2016/10/snapforce-integration-announcement.html

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