Snapforce Support Tickets

There are several ways that we can assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter while using Snapforce. One of these ways is to open a case from within the system. Opening a case will send an e-mail to the Snapforce support team with the case details. You will also receive a copy of the details. You can communicate with us through this case until it is resolved.

To open a new case, click the question mark icon at the top right, then click New Ticket

Fill in the subject and provide a detailed description of the issue. 

Once you click Save, the ticket will be created. You will receive an e-mail copy of this opened ticket. The ticket will then move over to the Open Tickets tab.

When a technician leaves comments on an open ticket, you will see an orange circle above the question mark, indicating how many unseen comments are available. 

To see these comments, click the title of the open ticket to highlight it, then scroll down. You have the ability to reply to these comments using the text area below the comments. You can also scroll down further to attach a file to the case. An e-mail message will be sent anytime a comment is left on an open case. 

To close a case, enter your closing comment, then click Save & Close. This will let us know that the issue has been resolved.