Related Lists

Records can be linked together within Snapforce. Accounts can be linked to contacts or other accounts, opportunities, cases, etc. Once a relationship is established between two records, the relationship can be seen in the Related Lists area. This area is located on the right of an individual record.

By default, the sections are collapsed. The number of related records is displayed next to the title of each section. Click the title of any section to expand it.

When expanded, the list of related records will appear and you will have the ability to view or edit each record.

If you want to view the related list in a full page, click the View In List icon.

You have the ability to remove any of the related sections that your company does not use. To remove a section, expand the section and click Edit.

When the Edit screen appears, scroll down to Visibility and change it to Inactive. Once you save this, the section will be removed from the related lists area.

In this Edit area, you also have the ability to change other display options.

You can choose a field to sort by, and whether you want the field sorted in ascending or descending order.

You can also choose how many records per page you want displayed, as well as what fields you want displayed in this section.