Snapforce offers a Reports Module, which provides functionality to view analytical information from your CRM data. With Snapforce Reports  you can easily run single module reports, or join multiple modules together, you can schedule reports, group reports, run summation totals on your data sets, and export your data to spreadsheet software such as excel. You can also print your reports, or use the built in copy/paste feature available at the top of every report.

Snapforce comes bundled with over 120 pre-built reports that help you get started. These reports are categorized into folders, when opening the Reports Module of your system, you'll land on the All Folders page. Which shows the default folders your system is setup with. You can create custom folders as needed by clicking New Folder button in the top right of Reports Module pages.


Dashboards are part of Snapforce's Analytics functionality. Dashboards offer a way to view your reports in alternative styles; for example creating a dashlet which shows the report Sales Last 30 Days as a chart, instead of a normal text based report. Using Dashboards you can quickly visualize your reports with many chart types e.g. Bar, Line, Pie, Donut, Funnel, Classic Report, etc.

In order to use a report you build in Dashboards, the report must have a grouped value. When creating your report make sure the Group By field has a value. Reports that are not grouped will not be available to drop into your dashboards.