E-mail Campaigns

An e-mail campaign is a coordinated set of individual e-mail messages that are deployed across a specific period of time. You have the ability to create, manage, and execute campaigns within Snapforce.

To create a campaign, navigate to the Campaigns module.

Click New

Create a name for the campaign, select a status, and select a type. If you want to link it to an existing e-mail template, select that e-mail template from the dropdown.

Once you have created the campaign, navigate to the Contacts, Leads, or Accounts module to add members to the campaign.

Click each row to select the members you will be adding. Once they have all been selected, click Add To Campaign.

Select the campaign you will be adding them to and click Save. The chosen records will now be added to the campaign.

Navigate back to the Campaigns module and View the campaign you created. The newly added members will be listed and the campaign template will be prepared to be edited and sent. Each campaign member will receive a separate e-mail message.