Email Configuration

Adding an e-mail account to Snapforce will allow you to synchronize any e-mail communication between your company and customers to their individual records. You have the ability to add as many e-mail accounts to Snapforce as needed.

To add an e-mail account to Snapforce, you will need to be logged into Snapforce as the user that will be linked to this e-mail account.

Click your Username -> Settings -> IMAP(Under Integrations)

Select the e-mail provider you are using from the Select a preset dropdown. This will auto-populate the Hostname and Port fields.

Enter your e-mail address for the App Name, Email, and Username fields.

Enter your e-mail password in the Password field.

Set the Synchronize dropdown to True. This will allow the e-mail messages to synchronize into the activity timelines of each record.

Once everything has been entered, click Submit.

Once submitted, click the SMTP option in the top bar. This will be the section in which we set up outgoing e-mail.

Select the e-mail provider you are using from the Select a preset dropdown. This will auto-populate the Hostname and Port fields.

Enter your e-mail address for the App NameEmail, and Username fields.

Enter your e-mail password in the Password field.

Once everything has been entered, click Submit.

Go to your mailbox to confirm that the settings have been entered correctly. The mailbox will take a few minutes to load all of the e-mail initially. You should start to see your e-mail populate.

Once submitted, click the IMAP option in the top bar.

Once the mailbox has loaded, go back to the IMAP section.(Click your Username -> Settings -> IMAP)

For the Inbox, select the folders that you want to synchronize. The ones that are not checked will not be synchronized with your Snapforce records.

Scroll down and select the Sent folder that you use for your sent messages. Once selected, click Edit.

Your mail is now successfully configured. To test outgoing messages, you can send a message from the Activity Timeline of a record.