Adding Line Items In Snapforce

Line items can be added to Opportunities, Quotes, Invoices, and Sales Orders. These line items contain each product or service included in the transaction.To add a line item, open the record you will be working with. (For this example, we will be using a record from the Invoices module.)

Search for the name of the product. After the first three characters are entered, any items with those characters will begin to appear. 

Once you see the item you want to add, click it.This will add the line item, which will then allow you to make adjustments. 

The Order, Sales Price, Quantity, Tax, and Discount fields can all be adjusted. To adjust the value of any of the fields, click inside of the textbox. Once the cursor begins to blink, you can edit the value of the field.

Changing the sales price will affect the Total price.

The quantity will also affect the total price. To change the quantity, hover over the textbox and click the up and down arrows. 

The Tax field will add the tax percentage to the sales price and quantity combination. The discount field will be deducted from the sales price and quantity combination. To adjust these, click the textbox and change the percentages. 

The total price will reflect the numbers entered into each textbox. 

To add another line item, go back to the Add product search box and begin typing the name of another item. You can add as many line items as needed. 

The total for all added line items will appear in the Grand Total field within the details of the record.

 To remove a line item, click the garbage can icon at the end of the line. This will delete all quantities of that line item and adjust the Grand Total field to reflect the remaining items.

To toggle the details of each line item, click the green bubble. Clicking once will display the product details. Clicking again will hide the details.