Drip Campaigns

A workflow can be created that will send a series of e-mail messages to a newly-added account, contact, lead, etc. This type of workflow is commonly referred to as Drip Marketing or Drip Campaigns. For this example, we will save a set of rules that will send three e-mail messages, three days apart to a newly-added lead.

To begin, click your Username → Settings → Automation

Click Create Rule.

Select the Leads module. Create a name and description for the rule.

In the WHEN section, select After/Before a Date/Time field.

The first e-mail will be sent out one day after the new lead is added into the system.

In the CONDITION section, click the Click Here button to expand the options. We will add a condition that will send the message to all newly-added leads that do not have the status of 'qualified' or 'unqualified'.

In the INSTANT ACTIONS section, the action type will be Email.

The Create New Action e-mail form will appear, which allow you to create a general e-mail containing placeholders. The placeholders will use the lead's record to pull information into the e-mail.

The To field should be populated with {{INSERT [email]}}. This will pull in the e-mail address of the corresponding lead.

Click Save

You will need to repeat the Create Rule steps twice more, with the only difference being the number of days before the e-mail will be sent. Once completed, there should be three existing rules for this workflow.