Web Forms

Web forms can be built to generate records within Snapforce. You can generate web forms for Leads, Accounts, Contacts, and Cases. 

To create a web form, navigate to your Username -> Settings.

Under Customization, click Web Forms.

Click New Form to create a new web form.

Enter the name of the web form, along with the URL of the page within your website where the web form will be placed.

Select the module in which the record will be created.

Once the module is selected, the fields within that module will appear below. Select the fields you want to include on your web form.

Once you have selected all of the desired fields, click Save.

Click Edit next to the newly-created web form.

Copy the complete code and paste it into the editor of your webpage.

Here is an example of what the web form will look like on your webpage. (Note: This example is the simplified version of the form. The appearance of the form will vary based on the existing layout and appearance of your webpage. It can be edited to have any format or appearance)

Once the data is populated by a visitor, and submit is clicked, this data will appear as a new record in the selected module.