Workflow Example - Case Escalation Rules

A workflow can be created to escalate a case after it has been open for a certain period of time.

To begin, click your Username → Settings → Automation

Click Create Rule.

Since the rule will be created based on case assignment, the module we will select will be Cases.

In the WHEN section, the rule will be executed, two days after the date it was created.

The condition for this escalation will be that the case must still have the status of Open.

In the INSTANT ACTIONS section, the Action Type should be Edit.

In the Create New Action pop-up, click the Click Here box and select Status. It will be displayed as [case_status].

The value should be Escalated.

Click Save. 

The workflow will now be active. Any case that has had the status of Open for two days or longer will be escalated. 

Note: You can also add an instant action that will assign the escalated case to a particular user.