Snapforce offers integrations with various third-party applications and programs to improve efficiency while completing daily work.

Snapforce PBX Phone System

Manage outbound and inbound calls within Snapforce using a connection to the PBX phone system.

  1. View details of outgoing, incoming, and missed calls placed through phones linked with Snapforce.
  2. Quickly view details of the lead or company within Snapforce by pulling up the record associated with the call being placed.
  3. Log any details about the call during or after the call within the call notes area.

Manage online payments and finances with our integration with

  1. Using and Snapforce, automate the invoicing process to ensure timely payments.
  2. Keep track of payments made through by storing this information within each record in Snapforce.


Link Paypal transactions to Snapforce to ensure timely payments and accurate, secure transactions.

  1. Use Snapforce as a bookkeeping tool, along with Paypal, to track processing and posted payments.
  2. Keep an archive of payment history for each customer within Snapforce that can be easily referenced.

Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, and IMAP Integration

Synchronize your mail server with Snapforce to allow communication with leads and customers from within Snapforce.

  1. Enter your personal server settings into the imap settings area within Snapforce to gain the ability to send messages to recipients from within the record
  2. Communicate using Snapforce or using your third-party mail application. No matter the platform is used, the communication will be logged within the timeline of the e-mail recipient's record.


Easily sync data between Snapforce and Quickbooks using the Quickbooks connector.

  1. Build invoices within Snapforce and sync them to Quickbooks to complete the payment transactions.
  2. Keep track of payments within Quickbooks, then update the records in Snapforce for reflect these payments.

Elastic E-mail

Use Elastic Email to manage your campaigns and monitor e-mail delivery statistics.

  1. Manage campaigns and marketing material through Snapforce with the integration of Elastic Email.
  2. Create rules and conditions for automatic e-mail sending.

Constant Contact

Get the most out of your data by automatically synchronizing customer data between Snapforce and Constant Contact.

  1. Keep your master list within Constant Contact updated when leads and contacts are added into Snapforce.
  2. Send campaign contact lists created within Snapforce to Constant Contact.
  3. Synchronize custom field mapping to ensure that data is 100% accurate across both platforms.


Use Snapforce's integration with MailChimp to manage campaigns and mailing list subscriptions.

  1. Ensure that the most up-to-date information for each contact is sent to MailChimp by synchronizing records with Snapforce.
  2. Generate and track communication with Snapforce sales leads within Mailchimp. Use MailChimp to analyze data about the subscribers, which will determine what type of communication should be sent to each one.


Engage in live chat conversations with customers using the Zopim integration.

  1. Get a head start on conversations by automatically pulling details from the records within Snapforce into Zopim.
  2. Archive chat conversations for historical use, with the ability to export and e-mail them as needed.


Provide on-demand customer support through the LiveChat feature, which when integrated with Snapforce will allow you to store customer details

  1. Gather data from Snapforce to create customer profiles within LiveChat.
  2. Easily access chat transcripts during live chats, to allow you to verify previous information at any time.
  3. Use information gathered from the chat visitor to create sales lead information within Snapforce.


Provide service for online document signing using Snapforce's integration with RightSignature.

  1. Link signed documents to the corresponding contact or customer's record within Snapforce.


Enhance customer management by synchronizing WooCommerce customer data. Capture all business transaction details and have them automatically synchronized with your database in Snapforce.

  1. Automatically add new leads and contacts to Snapforce when orders are placed in WooCommerce
  2. Update Snapforce records with transaction details anytime orders are placed.


Send and receive bulk or individual SMS messages to recipients through Snapforce.

  1. Create triggers to automatically send SMS messages to leads or contacts within your database.
  2. Create campaign groups of mass SMS recipients. Send personalized individual SMS messages to each member of the campaign at once.
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