Drip Campaigns


What is drip campaign marketing?

Drip campaigns refer to a marketing strategy that slowly sends emails and sms messages to your clients over a period of time, quite literally drip the messages out. Drip campaigns give the appearance that your sales people are always on top of their outreach, and do not forget about their prospects. When in fact, the sales person does not participate in the sending of the emails at all. In marketing automation software like Snapforce, you can configure your drip campaigns to send periodic emails to your clients. It is common to use date fields as the trigger of when to send the emails, for example seven days after the lead is created, then 20 days after the lead was created, etc.

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Drip Campaign Marketing
Drip Campaign Communication Methods

Drip Campaign Communication

Drip campaign marketing can include more than just email communication, it can include any type of outreach campaign. The part that makes it a drip campaign, is the manner and timing of the messages being sent.

In Snapforce you can drip out emails, sms messages, and voice calls. Voice calls consist of a written message that is spoken when the call is answered. These types of drip marketing communications can be triggered by specific actions, or by date fields, or timeframes.

Personalized Drip Campaigns

A major benefit of using drip campaigns as opposed to bulk email marketing, is the personalization factor. When configuring the drip campaign messages, they can be sent from the owner of the lead or deal. Even if you have fifty sales people, it can still be sent by the sales person assigned to the lead.

Personalized Drip Campaigns