Accounts & Contacts


Accounts & Contacts

Manage your customer, prospect, vendor, affiliate, wholesaler, distributor, competitor, partner, and contact relationships with professional Account & Contact Management

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Account Management Relationships


Enterprise account management software to track and build your business relationships.

  1. View your account lists in custom format using filtered logic.
  2. Manage all communication with your account's easily with included timeline management.
  3. Upload all account documents to the activity timeline, making the files and documents your team needs are always available.


Use the Snapforce mapping tool to manage your accounts using a geographic display.

  1. All accounts with valid addresses are automatically pinned to an area map!
  2. Spot regional trends quickly with Snapforce mapping.
  3. Google Maps directions also available from within the account record.

CRM Geo-Location
Associating Contacts to Accounts

Manage your contacts and accounts effectively by associating them with other module records.

  1. Associate your account's cases, assets, opportunities, projects, files, orders and more.
  2. Associate your account's activity; notes, calls, emails, events, text messages, and files.
  3. Save time by communicating with your account's right from within their record.