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Why Use Contact Management Software

CRM contact management software lets you manage and track your business contacts in a central system. Using a CRM system for contact management is a great alternative to using excel spreadsheets. With a contact management system your sales team can save all of the points of contact they are working with in a single company wide system, instead of trying to share an excel spreadsheet.

Contact management systems like Snapforce also give you an easy CRM to find a contact by searching for them using any contact field in your CRM database, such as the phone number, or mobile phone number, name, date of birth, etc. All of those fields are searchable, and you can even filter your contact database using advanced search filters, for more complex and advanced lookups.

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Contact Management
Associate Contacts

Contact management vs CRM software

There are contact management software applications available which are simpler systems than full CRM software. Simple CRM systems like Snapforce offer contact management as a default feature along with more powerful features you will only find with a full CRM system.

CRM software is a relational database, which means you can associate contacts with accounts or organizations. If you have an organization and want to manage all of the individual people or points of contact at that organization you can link those contacts with the organization.

Track contact communication

Our two-way email sync feature automatically saves and captures all contact email communication with you and your team. Whenever a contact emails any team member at your organization those emails can automatically log to the CRM.

CRM email integration is available for any email service, including Gmail, Yahoo mail, Office365, and any company IMAP server.

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Upload Documents to Contacts

Contact Document Management

Contact management software lets you upload documents and attachments to the individual contact profile. You can upload pdf files such as contracts, or contact business cards, contact photos or images, or any other document type. Document management is included as a default feature in Snapforce. Additionally there are no document storage limits, which is important to know before committing to a contact management system.

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