Dashboards and Analytics

Data analysis is an important part of any business operation, and having the right tools available can make it easier to analyze the results of your hard work at the end of each month or quarter. That is why Snapforce CRM includes Standard and Custom Dashboards, to give you a way to visualize your data in easy to understand ways.

Standard dashboards

The dashboards module includes 5 pre-built dashboards to help get you started. These standard dashboards are the bread and butter of an analytical mind, they give your businss the fundamental information in a way your management team can easily visualize.

  1. Five pre-built dashboards are included with your system by default.
  2. The five standard dashboads that come with your system are your Home Dashboard, Sales Dashboard, Customer Service Dashboard, Executive Dashboard, and Marketing Dashboard.
  3. These five standard dashboards can be re-arranged with different size dashlets, and can have their chart and graph styles changed in a click of the mouse.

Custom Dashboards

If your business needs advanced reporting, with enterprise level filters and flexible customization options then custom reports and custom dashboards are a must have. They come packed with different options that help you bring your crm data to life. These dashboards can be built using 6 different chart types, or your standard report style (or list style) dashlet.

  1. Custom build an unlimited number of dashboards, as needed. No limits.
  2. With custom dashboard you can fill them with up to 8 rows of individual dashlets, from 1 to 3 dashlets per row.
  3. Include up to 12 individual reports on each dashboard!
  4. Choose from any of the custom reports you saved in the Reports Module, and drop them into your dashlets as needed.
  5. Chart styles include Pie, Donut, Line, Bar, Funnel, Guage, and your standard report or list style dashlet.

Donut Charts

Donut charts are similar to your pie chart, and can be used interchangebly with any pie chart based dashlet.

  1. Pie Charts
  2. Donut Charts
  3. Line Charts
  4. Bar Charts
  5. Funnel Charts
  6. Guage Charts
  7. Report or list style dashlets.

Pie Charts

View your data in useful ways, one of the six different chart styles Dashboards offer is the Pie Chart.

  1. Group data by any field
  2. You choose the x-axis of the report, this ensures you have complete flexibility when it comes to visualizing your data.
  3. Hover over individual data sets in the pie chart to see the statistics of that section.

Bar Charts

Select a report from the dashlet menu, choose which field you want to group by, and click save! That is it!

  1. Bar charts can handle any amount of grouped data with the built-in horizontal scroll bar feature.
  2. Each bar in your chart will show the statistics of that grouped data set by hovering over it with your mouse.
  3. Set goals right on your bar charts, by drawing lines or setting break points.

Line Charts

When there are too many data sets to use bar charts, you can switch to line charts!

  1. Similar to bar charts, line charts are great for grouping data by a single field.
  2. Line charts are great option when you want to set goals for your team.
  3. Like all other chart types in these dashboards, simply hover over the dotted pin point to see the statistics of that chart section.

Funnel Charts

Track and manage your sales pipeline with funnel charts on your dashboards. Great for displaying sales pipeline reports, presenting the data in an easy to understand way.

  1. Funnel charts can be used on any grouped report you saved in your reports module.
  2. Most commonly used for sales pipeline reports, and project workflow reports.
  3. Easily share your funnel chart dashlets with other team members or click the "Save" icon to capture a screenshot of the chart and email it to a colleague.

Guage Charts

Looking to see daily totals, or a single point of data easily and professionally? Use the Guage charts available in your dashboards.

  1. Guage charts are different than the other chart types we have reviewed above, as they focus on a single point of data.
  2. Used commonly to display percentage totals, such as an individual sales agents percent of total monthly sales.
  3. Quickly see the chart totals and statistics by hovering your mouse over the dial.
Report Drop

Drop Reports Into Dashboards

Custom Dashboards are a flexible and very customizable tool to have in your bag of analytical tricks. These custom dashboards let you drop any of your pre-saved reports into the dashlets that make up your dashboards.

  1. Fill your dashboards with eye catching, visually stunning reports.
  2. Choose from any of the custom or standard reports you have saved in your reports module.
  3. Easily fill your dashlets by choosing the report, chart type, and the field to use for the x-axis.
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