Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions provide mission critical features for your company, particularly for the sales department. Deploying this application requires significant investment from your business, whether you're purchasing an on-premise or cloud-based system. You want to maximize the usefulness of the CRM.

Performance under Load

Employees won't use a system that's slow or frequently crashing. Some CRM solutions lack the capacity to handle your data, your user count or other high-load conditions. Create a performance baseline in a limited testing environment in order to simulate real-world conditions.

Integration with Key Resources

Your CRM vendor may advertise built-in integration with third-party applications you already use, but you need to check the precise way they work together. If the CRM fails to pull critical information or encounters errors when interacting with the primary resources, you lose out on that benefit.

Full Functionality

Take the time to test all expected functionality and real-world use cases before the widespread CRM deployment. 

Available Network Resources

Are you using a cloud-based CRM? Since the vendor hosts the application at an off-site location, you have increased demand on your network resources. Test the solution with the typical user volume you expect during daily business operations. You may need to upgrade your bandwidth to accommodate the increased traffic to avoid request time-out errors or a widespread network slowdown.

Usability Testing

Can your end users figure out how to operate the CRM solution without a substantial learning curve? Bring in employees with a broad range of technical aptitudes during the testing process. You identify features requiring additional training, major usability issues and valuable user feedback.

Support Responsiveness

Some CRM vendors handle product support after the deployment, primarily for cloud based applications. Your organization becomes dependent on the vendor for the software's smooth operation. Pay close attention to the service provider's responsiveness throughout the procurement and deployment process. A CRM plays a vital role in your company's sales activities, so system problems and downtime have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Your CRM solution might seem like the perfect match for your company until you take it live. Avoid deployment failures by using this list to thoroughly test potential products, You get the chance to fix issues before the company-wide roll out or switch to a more suitable software.