To create strong customer relationships is not easy, it comes from a genuine goal to make your customers satisfied. If you do not care about your customers it will be almost impossible to deliver the type of service that will make a difference. For a small business owner this is not a difficult task, as sole proprietors and small business owners live, eat and sleep their businesses (and their customers). 

This becomes more difficult as your business continues to expand. Once you hire new customer service employees, all of the communication will no longer be between the owner and the customer, but instead with a new employee and the customer. This is where the job of the small business owner must quickly transition from being the customer service staff to managing and training the customer service staff. 

How to do this? Read the tips I outline that will help you deliver on this objective.

Develop a Customer Service Training Program 

You know what good customer service is, as you've been delivering it for the last (well since you started your business), now it is time to train your employees on how to maintain that same level of service that you've been so diligent in delivering. Write down the most important aspects involved in the process of answering a customer service call. After you make this list, expand on it with a question and answer sheet you can provide your new employees to help them learn the most common questions customers will usually throw at them.

Immediate Customer Responses

The most important part of delivering great service is to answer your customer as soon as possible. When it comes to managing your customer service employees, it is never micro management to tell them to call a customer. If a client is waiting for something, whether it be a call back or an answer to something, the bottom line is the right thing to do is contact them back as soon as you can. Nothing your employees are doing should come before responding to a waiting customer.

Lead By Example

If your new customer service employees are not handling service calls the way you expect them to, the best way to resolve this is to immediately address it with them. If explaining what you want them to do different does not work, you should take the next service call and demonstrate how you want it done. Leading by example is thought to be the most pro-active form of management.