Customer service is a top priority for any business. And that’s because customer service makes a difference in brand reputation, customer loyalty and revenue. Did you know that 69 percent would recommend a company that they had a positive experience with others? And that companies that prioritized customer experience had a 10-15 percent increase in revenue and a 20 percent increase in customer satisfaction?

All businesses who have customer service as their priority need to find fast, efficient and convenient ways to communicate with their customers. Today, that communication platform can be texting. A full 81 percent of consumers find it frustrating to be tied to a phone or computer while waiting for customer service help. It’s clear that texting is the preferred channel for customers.

It’s also the preferred channel for businesses. Texting is affordable, convenientand efficient. It delivers fast service and has high customer satisfaction rates. It saves employees time wasted on leaving voice messages no one listens to and emails few people read. Texts have nearly a 100 percent open rate so your customers will get your messages.

Here are some of the top ways texting is beneficial for customer service.

Leverage the power of timing

People tend to open text messages within a few minutes after receiving them. Which means that texting is the perfect way to reach out to customers for appointment reminders, notifications, alerts and flash sales. 

Location isn’t a big deal

No matter where your customers are located, SMS can reach any mobile phone. Travel companies with last-minute updates can reach their customers anywhere they are in the world, even on a remote island. Saving their customers unnecessary trips to the airport or pricey long-distance phone calls can earn you extra points in customer service.

Delivery companies can contact customers about the status of an overnight express delivery, especially useful for people who do last-minute shopping for the holidays. Texting doesn’t rely on internet or have the same limits as phone calls.

Any business can reach any customer anywhere quickly and easily with texting, making it the most effective platform to use when handling hard to reach clients.

Use the interactivity of SMS

One of the best things about SMS is that it gives your customers the ability to respond to you quickly and easily. With phone agents, customers have to wait to talk to a representative. Most customer service calls are recorded; however, the customer doesn’t have access to the recording. Texting allows clients to write to the company and have their own written record of the conversation.

Texting frees up time they would have spent waiting on hold and allows them to communicate with the company at their convenience, not the company’s convenience. 

We know customer service is a priority at your business. So make sure you’re using the best platform to reach all of your customers quickly and efficiently. Give them the chance to contact you when they need to, and take the time to ask them about their opinions of your product or service. A great way to do all of these things is through texting. Try it and see!