A Knowledge base in CRM is used to store articles which can be easily searched and accessed by the CRM users. Having knowledge base can beneft your customers and your employees. A knowledge base can make things a little simplier. You have a guide right at your finger tips at any time . Some people find knowledge base user guides more convienient then making a call everytime they have a question. Without a knowledge base, your agents need to provide all kinds of information during one on one conversations with customers. With having a knowledge base customers can follow step by step over and over again at there pace as many times as they need, this is helpful because different people move through technology and come to understand things at a different pace.

Here is a list of helpful tips to creating a knowledge base. 

- You don’t have to prepare the whole gudie at one time. Start small and begin with a few basic start off guides to get things going.

- To make your articles easier , try to develop a writing method and stick to it. This way your readers won’t have to get accustomed to a new writing instruction method with every new article within the guide.

- Use bold to point out important things a visitor is expected to find and/or interact with. This way, the reader can locate the particular button more easily and will have no issues with going to the next step of the guide.

- Creating a step by step list, a instruction list can also be beneficial, they are easier to spot and to follow.

-  When creating instrictions show what you mean, you can create a tutorial video or use a screen shot of exactly what you are explaining.

- Depending on the way your have your knowledge base set up, you can try using categories to determine which articles are similar to each other. 

- Try to keep the guide articles simple and to the point , try to make each guide article easy and understandable on its own. 

- Provide a search option, a seach function can be great for the accessibilty of the guide articles.