You can start your business with a brilliant idea for bonding customers to your brand, but if you forget about basics, it’s not going to work. In this article I outline three tips that will vastly improve your chances in achieving overwhelmning customer loyalty, and the best part is they are crazy simple. I also recommend to implement these tips into your business philosophy immediately, and keep them in the forefront of your company's vision.

Tip 1: Offer Quality Products

Whatever business you're in, the one underlying pillar to success is selling a great product or service. If your product is lacking quality, even the best customer service team cannot help retain your customers. If you want to keep them, you need to give them a good product, and a pleasant user experience.

Tip 2: Simple yet Solid Customer Service

Another important thing is great customer service. Entrepreneurs tend to forget that customer service is a face of the business. It is, so make sure that it’s welcoming and helpful!

Tip 3: Obtain a Competitive Advantage, Quickly!

When you’re sure that your company offers the best products and services it can offer, it’s time for finding your own path to winning customers’ attention. Copying someone’s successful idea may bring you some results, but in most cases a solution that works for somebody else but may not necessarily work for you. Like Warren Buffett says, the most successful businesses have a Moat, or Comptitive Advantage that seperates themselves from the rest of the industry. Try to shape your offerings into something unique, something that will reflect your company’s customer care or its personality. Engage your customers with an awesome loyalty program or by representing the same values that your audience believes in.