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Alkazone Keeps the Healthy Water Flowing with Snapforce

  • Gain insight into customer order behavior and drill down on order details
  • Simplify the tracking and speeding up the locating of customer communications
  • Speeding up the delivery of reports and provide management quick insight into operation
  • Custom Opportunity and Order reports, delivering 1-click access to needed reports
  • Snapforce Cloud Phone System to capture call activity automatically, with Ultimate Edition activity tracking
  • Custom Dashboards and Reports to help management oversee product trends, and sales agent, sales teams, and entire sales department performance
  • Faster visibility into order trends and hard to spot opportunities
  • All customer communications automatically log; helping Alkazone personnel to focus on their business instead of data entry
  • Operation data delivered constantly provides Alkazone management the tools required to respond and act quickly
In 1996, we introduced our first antioxidant alkaline water fountain. These water ionizers have helped thousands of people achieve a more balanced diet that have allowed them to live longer and healthier lives. With the knowledge gained from 50 years of Japanese research and development, BHL is able to move ahead in perfecting the techniques to create the most superior water ionizers.In 2010, we launched our newest and most exciting product: Alkazone bottled Antioxidant Water. This is not just another typical bottled water. It is a new category of water.