Partners Commission Structure

Become part of the Snapforce Partner Program.
How the Commission Structure Works

Many cloud computing affiliates require you to refer many accounts before reaping commissions and revenue for yourself and business. With Snapforce, you will receive the same commission regardless of the number of new accounts you refer. Our affiliate program is straight forward, and generous as we pay our affiliate parterns based on the customer type they refer.

Professional Per License Sold Enterprise Per License Sold Ultimate Per License Sold
One-Time Commission $25.00 $45.00 $60.00
Monthly Recurring Commission 20% 20% 20%

The number of licenses under your management directly effects the monthly recurring revenue you earn per license. We understand the more licenses under management, means more work and higher payroll, which is why the affiliate recurring commission structure increases with the more licenses you are managing.

Licenses under management Monthly Recurring Commission
1-100 20%
101-500 25%
501+ 30%

Commission Details

Affiliates are paid commission after the customers 1st month cycle has completed. If the customer decides to cancel before the 1st month cycle is finished commission is no longer earned for that account.

As an example if you refer a customer who has a monthly bill of $500, we'll pay you $500 in commission for the new account, as well as a monthly residual of 20%, which equates to $100 per month (in this situation). That brings the annual revenue you receive to a total of $775 for that single referred customer account. The higher the number of active licenses you have sold will continue to increase your monthly residual percentage.

How to Generate Commissions

Once you have an account, you will be provided with an affiliate link. We recommend placing this link on your website, which can be used by your sales team when zeroing in on an interested prospect. When your sales team is ready to close the deal, they can point the customer to click the link on your website which will redirect them to a Snapforce checkout page (shared branding on this page is possible), when the visitor clicks the link and completes the sale, you will be credited for the commission. As a Snapforce affiliate you can keep track of your commission and customer licenses by logging into your account.