In any personal relationship the most important reflection of it's health is the level of trust displayed by both partners, in business that same rule applies. One of the fundamental building blocks of lasting customer relationships is the trust factor; when your clients truly trust in your product or service, it will show with a consistent positive reputation and a very low level of customer turnover. If you think your organization has a problem with its perception of being honest and trustworthy, it is extremely important that you work to turn that negative image around, and quickly. Some important tips to help build up that trust level I layout for you below;

  • If you’ve set or accepted a deadline, meet it.
  • Under promise so you can over deliver if you must, but do not consistently miss deadlines. 
  • When you say you’re going to send something by a certain time and you fail to follow through, you are proving that you cannot be trusted.
  • Your word is in your control. If you give it, keep it! If things happen that are beyond your control and it’s become impossible to meet the deadline, reach out and let them know that its going to take longer, before you are late.
  • When your customer seeks a service or product from your business they expect to receive it in the time and manner promised.

As a start up or small business owner, it is incredibly easy to fall into the trap of over promising. The desire to please other people is just part of being human, and it can be especially prominent when starting up a new business. To sum up the point of this article some words from the Oracle of Omaha (Warren Buffett) say it all; "It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it." say it all.