Marketing automation has been available for more than 20 years, the big difference between back then and now is the level of autonomy and the sheer amount of data available to you from so many different online and offline channels.

These are some of the reasons why a company will adopt marketing automation:

  • Save time– build and schedule multiple campaigns when you have time, these campaigns can be scheduled for release at a later date. This is very useful in saving time, as you can now use working hours for other activities.

  • Efficiency– it provides a streamlined and automatic alternative to otherwise manual processes. Saving time and labor, ultimately cutting your traditional marketing costs.

  • CRM integration– in a sales driven business world, it can be extremely useful to sales teams helping to ensure leads no longer disappear after being unreachable the first few attempts to contact.

  • Data collection– marketing in these new autonomous ways, provides a new approach and secondary benefit to marketing; helping provide a new way to collect specific data leading to an overall improvement of future campaigns or communication.

  • Multichannel management– whereas it used to be easy enough to manage a single email account, now thanks to the multiple accounts or channels that consumers can be found on, it’s getting harder to stay organized and keep track of them all. Marketing automation can help you keep tabs and stay on top of all channels.

  • Consistency– Incorporating all your marketing efforts in one marketing automation system will help to keep a unified message to your customers and target market.

  • Personalization– marketing automation software, such as the Snapforce Campaign Module helps to personalize your message to the end user, allowing you to easily setup and schedule drip campaigns that can be preset to contact your prospects and customers at predetermined intervals. For example you can schedule your drip campaign to send an email to any prospect that has had no contact in two weeks. Helping to keep your product fresh in the prospects mind while also reminding them that you remember them, creating a unique and more inviting experience that’s entirely relevant and will more likely lead to conversion.

    Marketing automation, when executed correctly, allows any size organization the ability to market and nurture prospects with personalized and autonomous content. Using a marketing automation platform, your prospects will convert into customers and your existing customers relationships will strengthen.