Tier-1 Service

Customer success is a top priority at Snapforce. Every customer gets a Standard Service Package for online support and training. Our most successful customers take advantage of all Snapforce has to offer, this includes the unprecedented level of service made available to you regardless of the service Package you decide to go with.

We currently offer two service Packages to accompany your Snapforce CRM purchase, you can read more about the Tier 1 Service Package below.

The next option up for support services, is our Tier 1 Service

The Tier 1 Service Package is the same as our standard service Package which is included with each license, the only difference is 24/7 tech support via phone or live chat. Tier 1 Service Package:

  • Full access to the Snapforce "Deploying Your New CRM" tutorial booklet
  • Full access to all knowledge base tutorials, videos, and articles
  • Client portal case submission
  • Priority 24/7 tech support via client portal live chat and support tickets/case submission

Tier 1 Service is for companies that require a critical support structure, and immediate around the clock technical assistance. Primarily our medium to large (or Enterprise) level customers purchase Tier-1 Service licenses for their users. If your business does not require immediate technical assistance after hours, than the Standard Service License should work just fine.