Why You Should Use The CRM User Guide

The user guide is a great resource for any user of your system, and should be used as a reference by most administrators when training new users.

Use this specialized user guide to help you get started with your new CRM system. If you feel overwhelmed when first logging into your new system, this guide is a great place to start building your knowledge.

Walk through step by step tutorials, verify security permissions for specific functions, watch usability videos for getting started anything that you want to learn how to do within the system

This user guide is designed for administrators and users, it will introduce Snapforce functionality and provide an overview on making use of all the wonderful features now at your disposal. You will also find tutorials on performing everyday tasks - such as how to create daily assignments for your users, running reports, how to search for specific records, or manage your schedule.

If you are a Snapforce expert and would like to skip to a specific area of the user guide, you can search for the needed page using the left side navigation. This user guide is grouped into directories, each directory focuses on a different category of functionality.