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Snapforce CRM is available in four editions: Professional CRM, Enterprise CRM, Ultimate CRM Editions. To learn more about each CRM Edition visit Snapforce CRM Product Comparison.

  1. Professional CRM
  2. Enterprise CRM
  3. Ultimate CRM

Snapforce CRM is available in three editions, each edition of Snapforce CRM offers different functionality - the higher editions offer more advanced functions and therefore increases the cost of the product.

  1. Professional CRM Edition: $25.00 per user per month
  2. Enterprise CRM Edition: $45.00 per user per month.
  3. Ultimate CRM Edition: $60 per user per month.

To view a complete list of product features included in each edition view the CRM Product Comparison data sheet.

All employees/users in your organization must use the same software edition. You cannot have different software editions in the same CRM system.

You can manually extract all of your data at anytime by using the Data Backup Tool - this feature is found in the Setup area of your software and can be used to manually backup and extract all of your data at once, or specific modules of data.

All data you enter into your Snapforce software is and always remains your data. Snapforce does not own nor have any rights to your proprietary data.

Snapforce CRM is available in 21 different languages. See the list of supported languages below:

  1. English
  2. Arabic
  3. Chinese
  4. Czech
  5. Dutch
  6. French
  7. German
  8. Hungarian
  9. Italian
  10. Japanese
  11. Polish
  12. Portuguese
  13. Russia
  14. Spanish
  15. Swedish
  16. Turkish
  17. Vietnamese
  18. Korean
  19. Hebrew
  20. Ukrainian

In Snapforce Enterprise and Ultimate Editions you can customize all default field labels with the exception of the default required fields. All other default field labels can be renamed to whatever suits your operation.

Yes you can. Within Snapforce CRM you are able to customize the default names of your softwares modules.

An example would be: Contacts Module – can be customized and changed to “Associates” (or any other arbitrary name you wish).

Yes you can. All Snapforce Software Products and Business Applications can be universally accessed using your main Snapforce credentials. If you currently use another Snapforce Software Application and recently purchased Snapforce CRM, you will be able to access both software systems using the same username and password.

No you cannot. The created date and time field is a system defined field which cannot be modified by the user, your software automatically updates that field at time of creation. Similarly, the date and time last modified field also cannot be modified by the user, as it is also a system defined field which is not editable, your software automatically updates the last date and time for you whenever an item is modified.

Yes, Branding is a feature available in Snapforce Ultimate.

When your system talks about a Module it is referring to a tiny system within your main CRM system. An easier way to understand it is to think about a Module as a Tab, for example in your CRM you have the following default tabs: Accounts / Contacts / Leads / Opportunities / Activites etc. each is a module. Within each of these tabs is a “mini” system that controls the functionality for that part of your CRM program.

Yes, in Snapforce Ultimate CRM all phone calls automatically log to your record's activity log. Even while taking an inbound or placing an outbound call on your mobile phone the calls will still log automatically. However, if you are Snapforce Enterprise or Professional than your agents will still need to manually log their phone calls.

Yes, you will not loose your existing phone number(s). Snapforce ports your current number(s) to help make the transition as convenient as possible.

All calls to North America are free, calls outside North America are subject to international calling rates. When moving your phone service to Snapforce you will eliminate your monthly phone expense.

There are no hidden costs included with any of our products. Pricing is a flat fee per user per month. Snapforce is actually one of the only CRM Solutions that does not charge for data storage and training.