CRM Account Management

Account Management done right

At the touch of a button, view your business accounts in list format. You can customize all lists using logical filtering. Snapforce CRM includes map functionality to assist when dispatching, building routes, or just identifying regional trends!

CRM Opportunities Pipeline

Manage & Track Your Sales Pipeline

Snapforce makes sales management convenient but powerful. Within seconds you can run filtered reports to identify important sales metrics, revenue forecasts, and agent comparisons.

CRM Custom Dashboards

Build Custom Dashboards

After saving custom reports you can use them on your dashboards, allowing you to keep the data that matters in front of you at all times. Custom dashboards help you spot trends and keep you informed quickly.

CRM Calendar - CRM Event Management

Manage Your Schedule Professionally

No more missed meetings or follow-ups, Snapforce CRM includes a full suite of calendar and scheduling tools. Setup reminders for yourself and customers, send calendar invites easily.

CRM Email Sync

Email to CRM Complete Sync

Snapforce has extended its email capabilities to include complete syncing, this means every inbound and outbound email is logged to the customer record. You will never need to search for a specific email thread again!


Account Management in Snapforce is made simple, but powerful.

  1. Manage and track your business accounts efficiently.
  2. Communicating with customers, prospects, vendors, affiliates has never been easier.
  3. Every interaction is logged and easy to manage.
  4. Snapforce CRM removes redundancy and eliminates missed opportunities.


Opportunity Tracking for management and the individual agent.

  1. Manage and track the contacts working the deal.
  2. Create, send, and manage price quotes quickly.
  3. Set expectations for individual agents.
  4. Convert closed-won opportunities into orders with one click.


Custom Dashboards provide a powerful interface for building analytical reports.

  1. Measure and track performance with custom dashbaords.
  2. Forecast company sales with sales pipeline reports.
  3. At a glance dashbaords keep you on top of important sales metrics.
  4. Use sales leader boards to quickly see which agents are closing the most.


Event Management & Scheduling.

  1. Schedule events directly from individual records.
  2. Snapforce Calendar is integrated with Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and most other professional calendar softwares.
  3. Create group calendar's for individual employees or departments.
  4. Send calendar invites, reminders, and share events with clients.