CRM Benefits

Zero Error

When you use Snapforce products you don’t have to think about human error and worry about missing information. We take care of everything technical, such as security, backing up your data, upgrades, and uptime. This allows our customers to spend all of their time focusing on their business, not worrying about back office people and software.

Access Your Data Anywhere

Snapforce products are always available from anywhere and anytime. As long as you have access to the internet, you can access your software from anywhere, even on your mobile smart phone. This allows your entire team or employees the ability to use your software while out in the field, on vacation, even while driving their car. Snapforce software also includes real time employee monitoring, so you can see where and what your employees are doing, whether they are at the office or in the field.

Drive Productivity – Eliminate Complexities

Snapforce CRM provides a user friendly and simple-to-use interface to make it easy for you and your employees to begin using your software. Here at Snapforce our engineers work tirelessly on our software’s user interface, constantly upgrading to allow for the best user experience possible. We spend so much time on this to make it as simple for your employees to get started, trying to minimize employee training as much as possible – so your business can stay as productive as possible.

Flexible & Scalable

Snapforce CRM is engineered to scale, in other words there are no size limitations. Unlike other business software you may be familiar with, Snapforce CRM does not limit the number of contacts, cases, notes, calls, emails, reports, products that you are able to add to a customer account. For example if you have 1 customer account and that customer has 26 offices and 185 employees that you directly deal with, you can add all of the employees and offices onto that customer account. You can assign each office as a “sub-account” to the primary customer account and you can add each employee as a contact to either the main customer account or break it down further and assign each contact to one of the 26 offices or “sub-accounts”.

Autonomic Software (Smart Software)

Snapforce CRM is built to literally work for your business, some customers consider it as the company watcher or supervisor because as time progresses the system learns your business practices and performs many automated actions on your behalf. For example if you lose a customer because of poor customer service, your software will remember the events that lead to the customer’s cancellation, and if the same events begin to occur again it will notify your software’s administrator and warn the employee or user about the potential threat to the customer account.

Business Work-flows & Case Escalation

Snapforce CRM has built in work-flow automation and approval algorithms that can be set or unset depending on your business needs. This allows you to check your employees work prior to submitting as active. For example if your sales team closes a new client and the sales agent presses the “Submit as sale” button on the lead, the system will not automatically create a new customer account, instead it will move the sale to a “pending customers” area where the sales supervisor or the administrator will need to approve the sale first. If you wish to not use these features you can easily “unset” them or turn them off.

Data Security

Snapforce handles all aspects of security, from 256-bit encryption, certified intrusion detection and intrusion prevention operations, access control and auditing, virus scanning, proprietary firewall, and all system upgrades. The Snapforce CRM platform is engineered with an over-emphasis on security, everything we do incorporates security precautions. Most people do not think this way, but when it comes to networked software, security needs to be a top priority. This is a large reason why our customers choose Snapforce CRM, as it eliminates the headache they would normally need to undertake if using a different software solution. Feel confident joining over 1 million world-wide users that rely on Snapforce products to meet their security and data protection needs. To learn more about employee security and what technology is in place for your individual business visit our CRM Security & User Permissions Guide.