No data entry - all client records are updated automatically by simply talking on the phone!


Snapforce CRM offers the first and only full cloud phone system included inside a CRM.

  1. Snapforce cloud phone solutions don't require expensive technical specialists.
  2. Your phone system will be setup in under 5 minutes.
  3. CRM Administrators have full access to manage users, eavesdrop on user calls, and record unlimited conversations.

Conference Calls

Your CRM has a company conference bridge included which hold up to 25 participants.

  1. Your conference bridge is available to all users, managed right from the CRM Telephony interface.
  2. Each user has their own conference bridge, never wait for the conference bridge to free up! $$
  3. Users have conference host permissions when creating conferences.
  4. Choose your background music for wait time
  5. Conference invitations are sent quickly and stored in the client's record.
$$: Additional subscription fees apply


Delivering a flexible yet powerful voicemail system.

  1. Each user in your organization has their own folder in your company mailbox.
  2. User mailbox folders hold up to 500 voicemails each!
  3. Save, archive, share, or delete your voicemail from inside of your CRM.