Delegate jobs and offload workload with Task Management


Delegate your team individual assignments and use the system to supervise the processes.

  1. Task management is a great way to effectively delegate your workload.
  2. Assign your colleagues small jobs and watch their progress.
  3. Easily manage tasks you assigned and communicate easily about them.

Task Reminders

Snapforce CRM has a powerful reminder system to eliminate inefficient work processes.

  1. Automatic system reminders sent directly to your email or mobile phone.
  2. User defined periodic reminder cycles.
  3. Reminders can be sent to the assigned task user and/or to the task owner; keeping everyone in your organization on point.

File Logs

Manage your task load with custom reports and logical filters.

  1. Snapforce CRM has powerful logic filters available to be defined by the user; leaving no limits on the ability of your team.
  2. At a glance dashlets are available in custom dashboards to monitor due now, upcoming, and to do active task assignments.