Make sure no email goes unnoticed with Snapforce Email Sync

Email Client

Snapforce's proprietary email client enables your team to answer inbound email right from within their account, eliminating the need to use and support multiple programs throughout the work day.

  1. Inbox, sent, drafts, trash, and custom folders.
  2. Reply, reply to all, forwarding, printing and more.

Email Sync

Sync your email with Snapforce CRM and never lose an email again.

  1. Snapforce CRM offers a complete sync with your email provider.
  2. Any inbound or outbound email is automatically logged to your client record.
  3. Choose to either sync your mail automatically (recommended) or manually.
  4. When you send email from Snapforce it also syncs back into your normal everyday email client!

Email Templates

Use pre-written professional email templates to keep all communication professional.

  1. Snapforce email templates are provided with your CRM to allow for out of the box power.
  2. Write your own custom templates if you wish.
  3. Email templates can include html and css!