Stay on top of all aspects of your organization with Custom Dashboards

Build custom dashboards to fit your need

Snapforce CRM allows an original custom build process, where the user has all the power when designing and building their dashboards.

  1. Elegant design and powerfully transparent.
  2. Snapforce dashboards use what we call Dashlets; individual reports strategically positioned in your dashboard.
  3. Regardless of the department your in, you have reports available to fit your need.

Available Graphs

Choose from the 6 graph types available in Snapforce for displaying each dashlet report.

  1. Snapforce CRM offers the user full customizable power when building their dashboards.
  2. Every dashlet has available graph types the user can select when designing a dashlet.
  3. Snapforce offers Line, Area, Pie, Donut, Funnel, and Bar graph types.

Logical Filtering

When building a dashlet the user has the ability to define their logical filters and X-Y coordinates making it as powerful as ever.

  1. Logical filters allow the user to use only specific data they want to pull from their database in that specific report.
  2. Providing the flexibility to define your graph coordinates extend the available functionality into a very powerful tool.