About Snapforce

This is where you can learn basic facts about the company, as well as how Snapforce is driving innovation while staying committed to small business and the simplicities they require to operate effectively.

Our Company

We are a (Saas) Software as a service provider of enterprise cloud computing solutions. Our company was founded on a single idea of delivering businesses a way to deploy their own business management system, or CRM system via the internet. A lot of businesses are not aware how to go about building or purchasing their own company system, well that was what we were going to change. We introduced our first product as a basic CRM solution and we have expanded our line of offerings with new editions, and enhanced features, 99% of which is built “in house” through internal development and R&D.

We sell our line of applications to businesses of all sizes and cater to almost every industry worldwide on a subscription basis (Saas), primarily through our internal sales force and indirectly via our large number of affiliate partnerships.

Snapforce Information

Company Mission

Our Mission is to deliver best in class cloud computing software. While minimizing and eventually breaking down the complex barrier most businesses face when attempting to obtain their own business management solutions.

Company Snapshot
  • Founded: 2013
  • Initial Launch: January, 2014
  • World Headquarters: Mahwah, NJ
  • Satellite Offices: Fort Lauderdale FL, Syracuse NY, Marblehead MA
  • Employees: 50+
  • Number of Organizations on Snapforce: 1,200+
  • Number of Users on Snapforce: 25,000+

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